Romance in the Nursing Field – Care Example

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"Romance in the Nursing Field" is a delightful example of a paper on care. This paper will present an evaluation of the nursing field. The analysis will be based on the strengths and challenges experienced in the nursing field. To be specific, the focus of the analysis will be based on how romance affects the nursing field. Abstract Nursing is among the medical professions that require a holistic calling and integrity among the professionals. It is worth noting that the overall patient-care in health institutions lies in the hands of a nurse.

Despite the medical treatment offered to patients, nursing services are crucial for emotional, mental, and physical healing. The patient-nurse relationship is vital for medical service delivery. Like any normal person, nurses have emotions regarding their surroundings. Such emotions are not limited to sexual feelings. Due to the nature of their duties, nurses spend quite a good part of their time in the hospital settings, focused on taking care of the patients. Since they get into regular contact with the patients, they are tempted to express their emotions towards the patients as well as the staff in the hospital. On the other hand, patients find nurses to be the closest persons in their lives.

Most important is that their health lies in the hands of the nurses. Consequently, their emotions are bound to be directed to the nurses. However, nurses are trained to be professionals, and that their emotional distance with patients should be limited. This is regarded as the boundary that incorporates the therapeutic relationship, where patients are the recipients of the care provided by the nurses. Despite the professional code of conduct, the line between the personal and professional relationship with a patient can get blurred.

Under most circumstances, there is a frequent flow of patients in and out of the hospital. It makes it hard to keep in contact with the patients. However, some patients, for certain reasons cannot forget their nurses. For whatever reasons, such patients keep in touch with nurses, simply because one among them crossed the invisible line set by the nurses. Romance in the nursing field is raising concern across the globe. Often the romantic relationships develop beyond the knowledge of the hospital management and can only be recognized when the alarm is raised.

Moreover, some relationships that commence as a patient-nurse relationship are developed into personal love relationships, making it impossible for external intruding. Several factors contribute to the state of romance experienced in the nursing field. Background Nurses come from different social backgrounds. Social origins can be one of the factors that drive the romantic relationships between nurses and patients. As described in the article by Sarah Horstmann, since nurses interact with multiple numbers of people, at one point, they are likely to meet characters that remind them of their loved ones who had departed.

Consequently, they are tempted to hold onto such people. Unfortunately, by high chance, they are their patients. For instance, the article illustrates how a nurse in the hospital met a patient whose love reminded her of her loving grandpa that departed some time back. Regarding the case described in the article, some of the romantic relationships between the nurses and patients is a source of healing for the nurses. Secondly, the heartfelt care granted by the nurses towards their patients attracts the patients’ attention that they feel to pay back by getting in touch with the nurses, in the process, developing it into romance  (Horstmann, 2013). While being a nurse is not an assurance that one will meet the love of one’ s life, it undoubtedly does not open up a lot of opportunities for one in the dating field.

Due to the professional duty of the nurses, guys are often attracted to the nurses.   Nurses are seen to be smart, tough, naughty, and caring. Of course, no man could afford to lose an opportunity to lose such favors.

When one introduces oneself to be a nurse, more attention is brought up, and everyone would wish to speak to him/her. In this case, the perception of the nature of nurses in their profession attracts many people who interact with them to an extent to which relationships are built to romantic  (Tulis, 2016). Je Abarra, explains the rising romance in the nursing field. As a nurse, Abarra asserts that romantic relationships in the nursing field are not only demanding to satisfy the sexual feelings, but many intended to be lifetime partners.

Some reasons drive the demand for a nurse partner. Compassionate care from the nurses is not what one in need of a partner takes for granted. Upon an encounter, any opportunity during any interaction with a nurse can be converted into a live moment upon which one can express the feelings. Sometimes the bond created may surpass the professional relationship between them. Also, the romance in the nursing field is prompted by the good listening nature of the nurses.

Finding someone who is concerned about you at your lowest point is often rare. It is unfortunate that being in the hospital is among the lowest moments in life. That nurses are always ready to listen to the patients leaves a warm and special touch in their hearts, that tends to cling to the source of such care. The more time spent together, the higher the chances of bonding with one another  (Abarra, 2015). In examining the influence regarding how nursing, as well as nurses, are displayed in the feature films dated between 1900 and 2007, David Stanley in his article found out that in the early movies, nurses are perceived to be self-sacrificial heroines, romantic and sex objects.

Nonetheless, his research findings on the image of nurses portrayed in the recent films depict that nurses are professional, strong, and confident women  (Stanley, 2015). Based on these research findings, the romance in the nursing field can be justified. It depicts that nursing is the profession that can shape women into desirable characters. Although a huge proportion of the nurses consist of the female gender, male nurses are believed to complement the female patients.

The romantic relations with their patients may be quite similar as it occurs with the female nurses. Moreover, there have been many instances in which medical professionals have been spotted in a serious romance. This is just to justify the romance character in the nursing field (Miller, 2015). Additionally, the “ Great War” illustrates how romance dominates the nursing field (Wood, 2015). Female and male nurses are praised for their compassion, tenderness, and sensitivity. They know when to worry. As caregivers, nurses are often empathetic regarding the health and safety of their patients.

Also, given that they must save lives, nurses are highly respected, especially when visualizing the challenges, they undergo. One would always be proud of having a partner that saves lives. Some people engage with nurses as they can help one go through tough times. It is believed that nurses can make prioritize and make essential decisions while under pressure. Often this is a desirable attribute that many nurses fall trap from the patients and other people interacted with. Viewed as the best understanding, nurses are part of the solutions. In a nutshell, the romance in the nursing field can be attributed to many factors that are linked to the roles of nurses in the hospital.

History has demonstrated that nurses across the globe are not only at the risk of engaging in romantic relationships with their patients, but most of those tempted to do so have given into it. Nurses have the right to engage in love relationships with whoever may be their choice. However, as a profession, nursing is guided by particular standards of operation that guide the right of each stakeholder in the medical field.

Nurse to patient interaction should be handled with high integrity and professionalism. Despite the need to be kind, loving, tender, and caring to the patients, nurses should be cautious of the attempts by the patients to take advantage of their conduct. On the other hand, nurses should not take advantage of the patient’ s status. Despite the professional conduct that nurses ought to portray when dealing with patients, they have a right to make decisions pertaining to their love relationships.

However, these decisions should not compromise their profession as well as the institution they work with. Romance is ethical if conducted at the right time with the right person. Nevertheless, it is unethical for a nurse to have a romantic relationship with a patient.


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