Technology and Professional Presentation in Nursing – Care Example

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"Technology and Professional Presentation in Nursing" is a decent example of a paper on care. Technology has been one of the most significant factors to influence the performance outcome in nursing paradigms. The use of technology within the nursing profession, efficiency, safety, and care is increased. The flow of information has contributed to the empowerment of nurses and equipped them with critical knowledge that has reflects in their improved performance. When data regarding patients’ progress is entered timely, it facilitates wide-ranging reports that can be judiciously used by nurses to improve care and safety.

At the same time, using workflow management, information from different sources can be integrated and used for allocating beds to patients. Another major way technology can be used by nurses is through wireless monitoring of patients who are especially at risk like chronic heart patients who need to be monitored carefully. Patients fall is very common in hospitals which often results in injuries and even death. Using sensors on the beds of such patients would provide timely care can be provided. Most importantly, it helps the nurses to identify potential and existing sources of interferences in their efficient care of the patients. Drucker (1998) asserts that access to information is a precondition to success.

Indeed, information technology helps easy access to information about patients. It significantly helps the rotating nurse to understand the various needs of the patients including the language barriers, medications, etc. so nurses on different time schedules can coordinate and give effective care. The professional presentations that I have attended in the past have been hugely helpful in improving my knowledge and service delivery. The presentation disseminates important information and knowledge about the various perspectives of issues that are critical to the nursing paradigm like understanding of cross-cultural issues, use of technologies, and how they can be integrated within the wider framework of nursing professions.

Most importantly, they equip nurses with the latest information and empower them to make decisions based on informed choices. The experiences of other professionals in the field also become a major facilitating component of the presentations which helps the nurses to improve and improvise their own performance. One main factor that detracted from their ability to deliver a message to the audience was their inability to transfer skills of using technology.

The nurses who were not well versed in the use of technology were at a disadvantage as they were not capable of exploiting technology. Another issue that impacted the effective delivery of the message was the language barrier. There was a lot of verbal communication which made it nonnative people difficult to take understand and therefore gain from the presentations.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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