The Future of Nursing: IOM Recommendations – Care Example

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"The Future of Nursing: IOM Recommendations" is a decent example of a paper on care. An increase in education level is the ultimate factor in increasing the knowledge of nurses, thus boosting health care, in the long run. IOM recommendations are one of the strategies that are geared toward helping the nurses improve in their academics. To meet recommendation four, I am geared to pursue a degree in nursing. I am working to have better grades currently in my academics so as to have an easy sail when applying for advancement. Additionally, I always get involved in discussions with other peer nurses who have advanced thus providing me with encouragement to pursue further learning.

Fitting in recommendation five, I do participate in workshops that address the policies put by the government towards nursing education. In such a workshop, I raise a concern about some retrogressive policies that may deter nurses from advancing in education. The recommendations that we do raise are taken to the higher authority thus are changed and allow ease of nurses' education to higher levels. Fitting in recommendation six, I continually read different types of books in nursing, read the latest journals published on a particular condition as well as getting involved in research work.

Such a positive tendency to read and research makes me develop an inner motive and drive to continue learning (Battié , 2013).                 Nursing provides a significant array of options in the job market. As a Registered nurse, I prefer to work in the hospital, majorly in the pediatric ward. This is major because children are innocent beings who do not talk thus the nurse is their advocate.

Another better option is working is in the public health sector, where I shall deal with public education on matters related to health. Public health is an essential part of health care that must be taken seriously to avoid an eruption of diseases related to poor hygiene (Goeschel, 2011).       Increasing my level of education shall put me in a better place to be very competitive in the current job market. This is because the educational requirements in the job market for better jobs continually are being raised. This means that I shall not get a better job if I do not improve my education level, and rather I will stay in the lower cadre and do not compete competitively.

Increasing my level of education increases my roles in the job market in various ways. For example, there are those activities that I can only do if I have a diploma in nursing unlike if I have Ph. D. The nurses who possess a baccalaureate degree and above can be nurse educators in various schools of nursing. In addition, they get involved in research work that helps in improving nursing care.

It is, for this reason, evident that increasing my level of education shall increase my span of roles in the current job market. This will put me as a nurse in a better position of having several options to choose from and work at (Shaffer et al. , 2014).             In conclusion, if all, IOM's future recommendations are implemented accordingly. Then, the nursing profession in the country will be the best. In addition, the quality of nursing care shall be of high quality because of the increased education, knowledge, and skills in nursing practice.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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