The Future of Nursing Leading Change – Care Example

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"The Future of Nursing Leading Change" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. One of the noblest careers in the world these days is the nursing profession. Having been able to experience other jobs, especially in the finance industry, I know exactly what it feels like to be in the health care industry.   This career does not simply require learning how to manage hysterical patients and their families, but it challenges every single bit of your character as a person and as a health care provider. Every nurse has a huge responsibility to the patient as well as to the society in promoting proper health care practices since simple mismanagement may cause stupendous disaster.

In addition, just like any other profession, it is necessary for nurses to make themselves up to par with the increasing demands of the health care system.                       Working as a psychiatric nurse for six years equipped me with enough experience in handling patients and providing them the proper care they need. Although my Associate Degree in Nursing has helped me understand the different health care practices necessary for my current profession, I still recognize that there are a lot more of the nursing theories and pedagogy that I need to learn in order to uphold the current position I now hold in the state hospital as a Nursing Supervisor.

Going back to the university to take my baccalaureate degree did not only increase the number of competent nurses, but it also inspired other nurses to pursue higher degrees in nursing to obtain an even broader knowledge and understanding of their chosen profession.                       As a Nursing Supervisor, it is my responsibility to support my nurses with bachelor’ s degrees who wish to go back to the university and get their master’ s or doctor’ s degree.

By simply allowing them to work on shifts that are in tune with their schedule in the university, more nurses would be encouraged to get a higher educational degree in nursing. I could also secure a recommendation to have them granted a loan from the hospital administration to support their matriculation needs.                       No one should stop learning, especially when one is responsible for the welfare of others.

As such, I make sure that I enrich my knowledge of the latest strategies and techniques in the health care industry. Private health care organizations and institutions, as well as the government, offer various training and seminars that allow nurses to brush up on the theories about health care. Furthermore, such events also teach and train us with the most up-to-date research-based strategies and practices in the industry. Lifelong learning, on the other hand, is not only achieved from the lectures talks or lectures but from the alliances that are created by the individuals and groups who were present in such gatherings.

In my case, I have been able to create my own personal and professional network where I am able to share and gain abundant information about my profession (Harrion, 2000). As I have found this experience liberating, I send nurses in my department to such events as well for them to explore the world of nursing and health care and gain wisdom based on those experiences.                       The increasing number of nursing graduates in the current job market makes the fittest to survive.

Possessing a higher level of nursing education increases my competency as a health care provider. Along with my work experiences in the field, I have a bigger advantage over those who did not make a way to enhance their knowledge and skills in the nursing profession.                       One’ s responsibilities become bigger when they possess more skills and understanding of the field they have chosen. The possession of such a higher level of knowledge involves not only putting them into practice but further developing and enriching them.

With the profound information that has been incurred through the increased level of education, I am expected to use it to further improve the various practices in health care quality. I would also be responsible for developing and training more competent nurses who are efficient and confident at what they are doing.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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