The Motivation for Becoming a Nurse – Care Example

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"The Motivation for Becoming a Nurse" is a perfect example of a paper on care. An individual may choose nursing as a profession by will, but in order to remain in this profession, a lot of motivation is required. This can fundamentally be attributed to the fact that there are a lot of factors to discourage a nurse from continuing with his/her profession. These factors include but are not limited to sexual harassment, verbal or physical abuse, bullying, and threatening. A nurse is particularly exposed to these kinds of risks because the profession of nursing involves much more public dealing than most other professions do, and wherever there is public dealing, there is a risk of all these factors.

Thus, a nurse has to be very brave at heart in order to deal with all such situations with courage. In addition to that, a nurse has to have a very good level of emotional intelligence so that he/she may keep things going without getting caught in an unnecessary fuss. All of this makes nursing a very tough job indeed. In these circumstances, a nurse has to have some objective source of motivation so that he/she may have the required positive energy in order to deal with all the evils at work. What motivates a vast majority of nurses to continue in the nursing profession is their rapport with the patients.

Nursing allows a nurse to interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis. In this way, the health care center where the nurse is employed is not only a workplace for the nurse but also a place where the nurse can socialize with more and more people and make friends with them.

Nurses, who are good at socializing find their profession very giving because they are able to build a stronger network of friends whom they can remain in touch with even after they have been discharged from the health care center. What particularly motivates most nurses is the feeling of satisfaction they gain by offering social service. Not many professions let the individuals feel that they are contributing to society in addition to making their salary, but the profession of nursing does.

In the patients, nurses are able to find people who are exactly like their sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. There is hardly any difference left between the home and workplace when an elderly patient calls a female nurse his “ daughter” . In the modern age when women are stereotyped as sex symbols in the media and literature, female nurses find the respect and dignity in the profession of nursing that they long for in their life. Concluding all, nurses derive their motivation for continuing in the nursing profession from their rapport with the patients.

Besides, the fact that they do social work gives them a feeling of achievement and they feel motivated for taking their career to the next level. The nurse is essentially a social worker. The fact that patients are facilitated when the nurse is around given the nurse a reason to give his/her best in the workplace.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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