We Do Abortion Here: A Nurse's Story – Care Example

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"We Do Abortion Here: A Nurse's Story" is a wonderful example of a paper on care. In the given article that is ‘ ’ We Do Abortion Here: A Nurse Story’ ’ , the author is actually a nurse herself by profession. She basically narrates the story of her work and abortions every now and then. She represents the fact that after watching a number of unborn babies and killing the lives is not an easy task. It requires a lot of stamina, endurance, and resilience. But at the same time, she says that no it's just a simple routine task or part of her job.

Every single day she had to face a number of confused, sad, or even blunt faces that come over to abort their child. In addition, she furthermore states that sometimes making abortion becomes a matter of fun with our doctors and colleagues, however; it’ s killing and simply going against God’ s will. Hence in order to resolve the issue of this cognitive dissonance, this lady simply tries to excuse her by quoting that she has promised herself birth control.     No matter abortion is unethical and disreputable in the community but yet in some scenarios, it becomes necessary to be a part of it.

Sallie Tislade here describes the same thing that it’ s part of her job and profession to do such act. She is never happy doing it but yes doing the same thing every now and then had made her used to this thing. Now she hardly finds it awkward to end an unborn life. Moreover, she says that each day I get to meet different ladies around some of them are sad, some surprised, some pressurized, or some simply come to get aborted as they don’ t want a baby so early.

All these diverse expressions and feelings become a source of learning and experience for me.     From time to time I change myself, sometimes I’ m just a nurse, sometimes I’ m the mentor guiding the ladies and sometimes I’ m the interviewee answering several confusing questions. Hence it can be concluded from the strength and courage of this lady that no matter how much you dislike or have an aversion to any work but as soon as you get into it, it becomes a part of your life. The author at a few stages talks about the fallacies and the dilemma she goes through every now and then.

Most of the time it becomes extremely tough to understand the patient or even the situations which my jobs put in front of me. A woman can be of so many types with huge differences. At times it becomes so difficult to understand the psyche of the patient that whether they are actually here to abort the child or just came over as a result of some social or peer pressure.

Apart from my role as a nurse I even become an acquaintance, companion, and even a friend of the lady lying in the labor room. The doctor does the abortion whereas I try to engage her in different things to divert her mind.  


Tisdale, Sallie. “We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse’s Story”, real web. Date accessed: 6th Dec 2012
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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