Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics – Care Example

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"Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics" is an engrossing example of a paper on care. Nursing informatics is an important aspect of the nursing field. It is significant in the day to day advancement of the field. It brings together both the nursing science and the technology involved in the field. The two then help to get the necessary data required for the advancement and improvement of health care (Hebda, Hunter, Sipes & McGonigle, 2014). In nursing informatics, computer and information technology are widely used to make the work of the nurses easier. Knowledge of nursing informatics is highly essential to all nurses.

They enable nurses to learn about the well-being of patients after receiving treatment in addition to determining the essence of any help to the patients. They also help eliminate the errors that occur when routine checkup is employed (Hebda, Hunter, Sipes, and McGonigle, 2014). The use of this technology makes nurses always acquaint themselves with information about their patients. In addition, the technology helps the health facility with the budget. In relation to this, it is evident that using nursing informatics makes other aspects of health care cheaper than usual. When the principles and practices of nursing informatics are used, nurses can know how to convert useless data into information and knowledge (Hebda, Hunter, Sipes & McGonigle, 2014).

Later on, they gain wisdom from the knowledge in hand that helps them execute their responsibilities effectively. An informatics column based on nursing ensures that nurses incorporate their knowledge and computer technology to better their careers. Additionally, the information on these columns makes nurses embrace the day to day advancement in technology.

The use of informatics also makes nurses learn how to combine the changing technology with their daily practices in the nursing field (Hebda, Hunter, Sipes, and McGonigle, 2014). Nursing informatics helps the nurses not only to monitor the patients but also to know the kind of care to provide to patients in case of anything. Any information needed is readily available and can be easily converted into a readable document. The implementation of the Electronic Health Records (HER) is of crucial importance to any Health Care Facility (Hebda, Hunter, Sipes and McGonigle, 2014).

Nurses who have knowledge about the informatics find it easy to implement the EHR. In every Health Care facility, there is an information technology department. The staff is involved in making sure that the installed information technology parameters are functioning as needed (Hebda, Hunter, Sipes, and McGonigle, 2014). They also introduce any technology that they think the facility needs. But, they may not consider if the technology is what the nurses need and if it helps them. Through nursing informatics, the nurses learn about what kind of technology they require and how they may use it in their profession. In conclusion, nursing informatics plays a significant role; they allow nurses to enjoy advancement in technology in the provision of nursing care.

They also enable nurses to update themselves on the condition of their patients daily; as a result, contribute to the provision of effective care to the patients.


Hebda, T., Hunter, K., Sipes, C. & McGonigle, D. (2014). Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics. Everyday Informatics. AORN Journal vol. 100. AORN Inc.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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