Preventing Obesity in Children – Child Development Example

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"Preventing Obesity in Children" is a wonderful example of a paper on child development. Each year more of our children are affected by obesity according to research. Prevention is the main thing we need to look at even as people in the national demand action to combat obesity. Prevention starts with living healthy, eating right, and getting frequent exercise. Schools should make sure that the children are taking healthy meals and they are doing enough exercise. Between 1980 and 2000 the number of children and adolescents with obesity almost tripled. In Alaska obesity kills about 500 people.

Alternative foods are a great contributor to the rise in the number of people with obesity. To help us fight these statistics we start at home the look at the nutritious habits the children get in school. In school, children learn how to eat healthily but they still eat junk foods after that. Congress should see that the nutrition standards in schools are healthy to help our children get balanced diet food options. The child nutrition promotion & school lunch protection act has been reintroduced to save our children.

From this, our children realize that they should be eating healthy. Parents across the nation are showing support that vending machines should contain healthy foods. Not only foods but also children having an active lifestyle but technology i. e. video games is one of the main factors preventing this. It’ s up to the parents to make sure children are practicing healthy habits. On realizing that more of the population of children in the nation are being affected by obesity people are demanding action to counter the rise of this problem.

Despite that, it is up to us as parents to take prevention first by making sure our children are practicing healthy lifestyles and eating habits. Senator Lisa looks for ways to improve the quality of foods being offered in schools because poor diet foods are readily available in school. The only way to prevent obesity is by eating healthy and enough exercise. With studies showing a very high increase in the number of children with obesity within a period of 20 years, prevention is urgently needed to stop these statistics. With Congress having the power to change laws they need to update the nutrition standards in schools.

An update of the definition of “ foods of minimal nutritional value” would be a major step in the fight against obesity. The message the children will get from this is that they need to stay and eat healthily. Parents and teachers are showing great support and we can be able to fight this obesity nightmare with such cooperation. Parents just need to promote healthy eating habits and encourage their children to exercise not sitting down the whole day playing video games. To summarize this, we have seen that the most important step we need to take in preventing our children from obesity starts with proper eating habits starting from our homes and school.

Children should be encouraged to practice healthy eating habits to reduce the number of people dying from obesity and also the number of infections. Exercise is an important part of every child’ s life and parents should make sure their children exercise daily at least for an hour. And we will be able to fight obesity effectively.


U.S Senator Lisa Murkowski, “Preventing Obesity in Children” American journal of preventive medicine 33(2007)
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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