Reasons for Teen-aged Smokers to Stop Smoking – Child Development Example

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"Reasons for Teen-aged Smokers to Stop Smoking" is a persuasive example of a paper on child development.   Smoking is detrimental for health because it jeopardizes the mental, physical and psychological well-being of teen-agers.   Smoking leads to cancer (Lung, tongue, lips etc. ), emphysema, heart, kidney, liver and other gruesome diseases followed by a reduction in life expectancy rates. Smokers become indolent because of sleep disturbances and physical weaknesses; therefore, they face severe problems in their practical life. The reduced mental growth can make smokers incompetent (low flexibility and adaptability) in the corporate world. Speech A person is inclined towards something, which has some benefits and which provides an individual with satisfaction and pleasure.

But, what should we conclude about a human who is not serious for one’ s health, physical appearance and mental well-being? Without any doubt, there are people who intentionally spent their money to damage their health, but consider this habit a source of pleasure, relaxation, enjoyment, mitigation of stress and tediousness. Should we call such people logical thinkers who could think rationally and could enjoy their life considering it an endowment of nature?

No, of course, No. Rather, the world views them as ‘ fools’ who actually have entered in the pernicious and grisly world of smokers and then get addicted to smoking.           Indeed, smoking is such a dangerous habit that, unfortunately, does not have any advantages but a deleterious dark side that could easily damage an individual’ s life and turn it into a life - long torture. The saddest part of this equation is the increasingly large use of smoking and cigarettes among teenagers who either get attracted from the smoking style of their favourite celebrities or fall prey to negative advice of their so-called well-wisher friends, according to whom smoking is a source of relaxation/enjoyment and an indication of masculinity/manliness / macho-behaviour.

No matter whatever smokers feel when they smoke, it is impossible to deny noxious effects on the health of smoking exercise. Indeed, it is not only a waste of money but also a waste of time that could have been utilized in any constructive job for personal gains and benefits. It is worthwhile to mention the fact that smoking jeopardizes an individual physical and mental well-being because it leads to cancer (Lung, tongue, lips etc. ), emphysema, heart, kidney and liver issues, headaches/migraine, sleep disorders and nightmares, nausea, high blood pressure, reduction in life expectancy rates and sometimes even blindness.

In addition, smoking destroys an individual’ s thinking power and memory. Hardcore smokers even stop studying if they are deprived of cigarettes for a long time period. For instance, smoking adversely impacts one’ s personality and physical appearance, which then gives a negative impression to viewers. In simple words, the teenagers who addict to smoking feel difficult to get rid of this habit in later stages of life.

The health issues followed by regular medical checks and use of drugs turn their life into a mess and eternal torture.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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