WAMY's Project on Obesity – Child Development Example

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"WAMY's Project on Obesity" is a remarkable example of a paper on child development. WAMY group is looking for financial aid to set up physical activity schemes, in primary schools in the Jazan area.   The main purpose of setting up a body activity plan is to offer proper precautionary activities to eliminate avoidable obesity in children in the Jazan region. WAMY is a nonprofit body that has been providing for medical services, ambulance, emergency services, helping during catastrophes, as well as offering child welfare services in china.     Other functions of the WAMY organization include providing safe housing and training facilities for abused women and the disadvantaged.

WAMY enjoys warm support from Chinese people who continue to praise its humanitarian and social work.   The organization seeks to start its physical exercise program in 2014 with the help of the provincial government and the local community in the Jazan region. WAMY organization anticipates the total cost of the project to be $ 365,000.   The cost is mostly for covering essential project requirements. Some of the basic services the project seeks to promote are the provision of quality sports equipment, comprehensive health promotion programs, as well as maintenance of health.

20 primary schools in the Jazan area will benefit from the undertaking. Public health services that the WAMY project will provide are such as weight measurement, counseling, and help on dietary conduct and prevention of diseases.   The project targets children aged 6-13 years.   50 participants will be selected from 20 schools to make1000 the total number of students taking part in the program.   Family members of the target group will participate in the project through outdoor activities. Staffing and management Staffing managing Project manager Supervision and leading the project, funding distribution Health promotion officer Organize PA activities, physical education sessions Secretary The survey, organize a meeting, preparing reports, communicating with families of the target group School Teachers Running programs Public Health nurses Weight, height measurement, health care if needed   Obesity among young student in China Obesity has become one of the notable health concerns globally.

  The world health organization declared that 10 percent of children were obese by 2001.   The study revealed that 155 school going children were overweight, whilst 22 million children under the age of five were overweight. Another study by WHO in 2002 indicated that there have been changes in disease patterns, where the majority of deaths are associated with nutritional imbalance, diet, and physical activity.

Initially, many deaths were resulting from communicable ailments. China has carried out numerous studies on the extent of obesity in Saudi children, and results reveal that obesity happens in all children. A more recent survey established that the eastern province has the largest number of obese children while the southern province has the least. About half of the eastern province children have a BMI that is above the 85% percentile.

  The survey also reveals that most children start becoming overweight at 5-9 years.   21% of children in this age range are already overweight; 21% are obese while the children's weight continues to increase into the adolescent years. This trend is attributable to the verity that this age marks the start of school-going age where children have no control over their eating habits.   Additionally, children engage in less physical activities and engage in passive leisure such as playing computer games and watching TV.   A Chinese child spends six hours per day in front of screens, which is attributed to a 2% rise in obesity on children aged 12-17 years. Partnerships WAMY needs to partner with other bodies to achieve its best value initiative.

To achieve the goal of offering high-quality services for obese children, it is noteworthy for WAMY to collaborate with different stakeholders in the Jazan area.   Notable partners are such as the community, schools, and the health department in the Jazan region.   The health department will help in leading and managing the project, community centers will help in promoting outdoor activities whilst the schools will provide the target students and teachers to implement the project.

  The media will help in promoting awareness on the effects of obesity and the need for physical activity. The partnership will also incorporate professionals in various organizations to enhance project performance. Goals and objectives To reduce obesity by 10% of the target group in one year. To Engage 30% of obese children through physical activity plan in one year To engage the target group with the community group twice a week for outdoor physical activities. Project strategies PA plans will start in January 2014 and continue throughout the year.

The target group will be drawn from 20 primary schools in China, and the age limit will be 6-13 years.   The program will run by establishing an education conference to educate participants on how the project works and means of evaluating the project’ s success. Parents of the target group will be served with questionnaires to provide information on how their children are doing and the kind of PA they engage in. the questionnaire will also seek to gather information on social support, kinds of snacks taken, time that is taken in front of screens, as well as barriers of PA. The physical activity plan entails a 30 minutes session at the start of the week where students learn essential sports skills and safety.

Every class participates in a 50-minute physical education session whilst senior students get one-hour education on sports per week.   PA will start by weight and height taking on the target group, and the program will be starting from 8 to 9 a. m.

for three days. Physical Activities will range from moderate to vigorous.   The schools should collaborate with other partners like the bowling and the sports center to allow participants to engage in a wide range of activities. The schools should also invest in extra resources such as games painted on the concrete. The sports coordinator will be leading a vast number of lunchtime events like dance clubs, walking, and golf. The school actively offers physical activity as a fundamental element of family life. For illustration, the school is trailing the introduction of sports homework, where students are asked to execute some sports tasks in collaboration with their families.

  The school’ s newsletter fosters the merits of regular physical activity. Sustainability All the 20 schools will put this activity in their calendar for subsequent years as the PA plan will make a momentous change in the target group and their families.   Efficient planning, excellent quality, and staff training, as well as adequate organizational capability, willingness to support the scheme play an integral role in enhancing project sustainability.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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