Childhood Immunization Essay Examples

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
"Vaccine-Preventable Diseases" is a peculiar example of a paper on childhood immunization. The first vaccine was invented in 1796 when an English doctor realized that people living close to cows had become immune to the smallpox virus. Since then many diseases such as chickenpox and polio have been prevented by developing vaccines for them and getting people vaccinated accordingly.…
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Minor Causes of Obesity
"Minor Causes of Obesity" is an outstanding example of a paper on child development. The article addresses the issue of obesity among young children living in the United States. The article is written based on different research done on the topic. It uses data from these reports to come up with the major causes of childhood obesity.…
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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate
"To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate" is a wonderful example of a paper on childhood immunization. The mother has a choice to decide whether or not to have the baby immunised. Being a medical practitioner, I would try and educate the parent about vaccines and the risks of not vaccinating the baby.…
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