Website Related to an Alternative Therapy Reiki Massage – Complementary&Alternative Therapies Example

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"Website Related to an Alternative Therapy – Reiki Massage" is a good example of a paper on complementary and alternative therapies. The website has the necessary information related to the services offered by the brand, the benefits, the risks, qualifications, and the science behind the Reiki massage. For instance, the websites assert that Reiki massage has existed for more than 3000 years. The therapy has a unique way of promoting the state of mind thereby promoting the healing process. The website also provides the genesis for the treatment strategy by alluding to the revelation received by the Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Buddhist during the early years of the twentieth century.

Despite the revelation, there is a clear distinction of the Reiki massage from religious belief. Therefore, this treatment strategy is not associated with spiritual beliefs. Several linkages lead to several cultures of information that describes the model and the treatment regime. The website also provides the methods used in the administration of the treatment like lying on the table, sitting, standing. The merits of every position are well illustrated.

The benefits of the treatment are well illustrated based on evidence from the scientific communities, which has dwelt in the treatment strategy to evaluate its benefits from the spiritual and physical perspective. The aesthetic color scheme is illustrated on the website are attractive and provide critical information related to the Reiki massage. For instance, several positions the patients lie are illustrated as well as the method of applying the treatment using hands curved in a unique way. The research cited on Reiki massage is found in the scientific research section. The site elaborates on the association between Quantum Physics and Reiki in terms of their inception and the detection of electromagnetic energy.

The creation of a training center under the auspice of the International Center to build capacity on Reiki massage deals with peer reviewing of the scientific studies originating from alternative and contemporary medicines. Other centers that have done studies on this model include American cancer society and the neuropathic medicine that falls under the national college Quality of information The website provides important information about alternative medicine branded as Reiki massage. The benefits are well illustrated with scientific backing.

However, the website does not provide the pricing models to guide the consumers and other patients that may have an interest in the medication. Besides, there is an insufficient site for getting assistance on questions like frequently asked questions or live chat with the support. Relating the information with health care administration The information provided is appropriate because there is sufficient scientific backing from renowned scientific organizations with reliable health records. The treatment model is applicable in a home or nay designated care setting that has the required facility and the trained personnel.

The delivery and cost concerns were not discussed hence creates room for speculation


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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