Erosion in Tooth Enamel when Exposed to Soft Drinks – Dental Health Example

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"Erosion in Tooth Enamel, when Exposed to Soft Drinks" is a perfect example of a paper on dental health.   The research paper “ Erosion in Tooth Enamel when Exposed to Soft Drinks” focuses on one of the most vital but crucial aspects of dentistry. The nanostructures of the dental tissue are the areas in a tooth that need intense attention. The nanostructure such as the enamel, dentine and dentine junction are so small structure that it becomes tough for any dentist to trace the erosion and the cause behind the erosion that occurs in these areas of the human teeth. This research project through cognitive and experimental ways examines the erosion that takes place in the nanostructure of the tooth and provides a link between the erosion occurring in the nanostructure of the tooth and the effect of the soft drinks on it.

The research project focuses mainly on two areas apart from the main area focusing on the effect of erosion on enamel caused by the soft drinks. The core area of the research project emphasizes on the various effects of the erosion on the teeth and the factors that affect the amount of erosion caused by the soft drinks.

The other major area on which paper puts its focus is that of the myriad techniques used for investigating the erosion occurring on the nanostructure of the dental tissues. Thus, the research project delves deep into the core issue. The project not only focuses on the causes of dental erosion like most of the projects on the same topic but at the same time, it also suggests and focuses on the remedy of the erosion. The two comprehensive experimental methods are implemented to locate the erosion and its amount.

These two methodologies form the main area of the project as under these experimental heads, vivid discussion and research are executed that pertains to the location and amount of the dental erosion. The two methods which are extensively discussed in this project are Weight Loss Measurement and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Measurement. The three soft drinks used for the experiments are Diet Coke, Mountain Dew and Sprite Zero. The experiment was executed both on the child enamel and child dentine as well as adult enamel and adult dentine.

The resultant conclusion of the experiment was also quite significant as it determined the relation between the leaching of the Calcium ions and softening of the enamel. The tenacity of both the dentist and enamels present in the adults and children also got exposed through this experiment and the innovative and novel finding was the unique and the varying degree of resistance in children and adults. The research project is exposed to some shortcomings and limitations too. There are certain inconsistencies in the experimental methods.

Both the experiments are not given equal importance though both of them are equally significant in the path of research findings. The project “ Erosion in Tooth Enamel When Exposed to Soft Drinks” is important from the aspect of its necessity in the present time. The consumption of soft drinks is readily increasing among adults and children. The consequential effect of such activity is alarming on health and teeth are not an exception in this regard. Apart from this fact, the project also focuses on the importance of saliva in protecting teeth and its enamel from erosion.

The research project is comprehensive, innovative, novel and compact with its findings and methodologies. Also, it can be said without hesitation that proper synchronization and compatibility is maintained within the research framework.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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