Depression Essay Examples

Medical Event Field
"Medical Event Field" is a wonderful example of a paper on depression. I have a close friend whose brother is maladjusted to life. There have been innumerable occasions, in their family, wherein my friend’s brother would get intoxicated by consuming barbiturates in combination with alcohol.…
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Impacts of Natural Disasters on Healthcare: Hurricane Katrina
"Impacts of Natural Disasters on Healthcare: Hurricane Katrina" is a great example of a paper on depression. The impacts of Hurricanes stem from personal i.e. mental health care, general i.e. medications, and public i.e. public health. The effect on public health care is related to flooding and extensive damage to natural water. This compromises the safety of drinking water thereby creating threats to public health.…
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Ms. K Diagnostic Assessment and Impression
"Ms. K Diagnostic Assessment and Impression" is a perfect example of a paper on depression. After reading and reviewing the assigned videos, Ms. S can be defined based on Deviance, Dysfunction, Distress, and Danger (4D’S ). She is deviant. At some point in life, she gets involved in violating social norms by attempting suicide, which is attempted murder.…
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Components of Depression
"Components of Depression" is a wonderful example of a paper on depression. Depression is a pervasive mental disorder commonly characterized by a depressed mood and lack of interest in activities causing significant impairment in day-to-day life. With the World Health Organization (WHO) reports registering close to 270 million affected cases worldwide, depression has risen to be a global health concern.…
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Life with Depression
"Life with Depression" is a perfect example of a paper on depression. Elizabeth is a seventeen-year-old female living with depression. As a child, she experiences several complications arising from familial, especially poor parenting. Her mother, Mary, and her father are Lewis, both unemployed and full-blown alcoholics.…
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Cultural Competency in Mental Health
"Cultural Competency in Mental Health" is a perfect example of a paper on depression. In offering mental health services, nurses need the competence to provide culturally appropriate services to a diverse population. Health procedures should consider the client’s cultural background to improve patient outcomes in a psychiatric unit.…
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Coronavirus Lockdown and Mental Health
"Coronavirus Lockdown and Mental Health" is a great example of a paper on the disorder. For the past four months, the world has faced various challenges attributed to the deadly coronavirus. Since its emergence, the virus has infected 6.08 million people worldwide, killing 370, 000 people. The impacts of the coronavirus are diverse, touching on all aspects of life.…
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Major Depression in Patients with AIDS and Substance Abuse
"Major Depression in Patients with AIDS and Substance Abuse" is a well-written example of a paper on depression. The relationship between HIV/ AIDS and depression is visible and affects many patients with the disease. In their study, Major Depression in Patients with HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse, Berger and co-authors attempted to reveal the relationship between the illness and depression.…
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Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Psychosis
"Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Psychosis" is a marvelous example of a paper on depression. Any event which occurs after the birth of a child is referred to as a post-partum event. Disorders such as postpartum depression are common mood disorders that are prevalent in women after the delivery of the child.…
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Social Isolation and Depression
"Social Isolation and Depression" is a perfect example of a paper on depression. Considering that Ms. Fisher is sickly and is on and off the hospital, she requires daily monitoring, but her only daughter is not available since she lives in town. This leads to social isolation as she has no one to stay near her at the utmost time of need consequently leading to depression.…
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Talking Therapies as the Solution to Mental Health Problems
"Talking Therapies as the Solution to Mental Health Problems" is a good example of a paper on depression. Health as defined by WHO is the physical, mental and social well being of a human being; but mental and psychiatric problems not taken as diseases, are stigmatized and the patients are marginalized and misunderstood making them, forced even further away from society.…
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Psychopharmacology and Depression
"Psychopharmacology and Depression" is a great example of a paper on depression. The case discussed in this paper is of Samantha, an African American married woman aged 54. She is in therapy for several months now. The paper discusses the factors and reasons for the recommendation of medication evaluation to Samantha.…
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Common Mood Disorders and Mental Health
"Common Mood Disorders and Mental Health" is a fantastic example of a paper on depression. In today's uncertain times, more people find that they are having problems with depression. Sometimes it is as a result of the loss of a family member, a disappointment or a feeling of failure. In most cases, the individual will be depressed for a period of time.…
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The Relationship between Obesity and Depression Among African-American Male Adolescents
"The Relationship between Obesity and Depression Among African-American Male Adolescents" is an outstanding example of a paper on depression. Within society, depression oftentimes has a different connotation as compared to the true medical definition that is oftentimes utilized by practitioners as a means of defining the overall psychological health of an individual patient.…
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Building a Therapeutic Relationship
"Building a Therapeutic Relationship" is a wonderful example of a paper on depression. Sondra is certainly suffering from low self-esteem that is increasingly causing a mental breakdown. The case reflects one of the many instances of patients suffering from bipolar borderline personality disorder coupled with self-harm tendencies.…
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Depression Essay Examples to Get You Started

Are you having challenges writing essays about depression? You are not alone. Lack of knowledge on the subject and poor writing techniques are among the reasons learners struggle to draft a premium essay. Here at MedEssay, we offer free examples of a medical essay to assist you in composing a quality piece.

In our examples, we will consider the disorder and various aspects that relate to the topic. This article is an excellent guide to help you define depression and explore examples of its causes. We will also consider different forms and other aspects that relate to quality academic writing.

Drafting a premium essay is not easy for many students. It is the reason why you require excellent examples to do the right thing. Learning by following examples is an ideal way to master the writing art that produces a quality essay. Reading depression essay examples enables you to write an accurate paper.

Definition of Depression

What is depression in simple words? It denotes a medical disorder leading to the sentiments of sorrow and lack of interest. It affects how an individual feel, think and behave and if it is not controlled, it can lead to many emotional and physical problems such as negative feelings towards oneself.

Depression is a common disorder that affects daily undertakings and can have severe implications on life quality. You can get many examples from our depression essays database to help you acquire the art of writing a premium essay.

If you are asking, how do you start a depression essay? It is easy. You have to define the term just like in our examples to enable your reader to know your subject. The definition opens the stage to discuss your essay deeper without losing track of the topic, as pointed in our medical examples.

Completing an excellent essay is not complicated when you know how to start. You also have to follow our examples to create an engaging body. Make sure you provide relevant information that has value to the reader. As a good writer, you should have your readers in mind. Understanding your audience allows you to deliver what they want, thus creating value in your paper. Composing a quality assignment makes it earn more marks, which is the goal of any student.

Causes of Depression

Follow the examples presented in this piece on structuring your essay. Each section must provide a logical flow in developing your piece.

After defining the condition in your essay, it is essential to discuss or provide some causes. Various reasons serve as perfect examples, such as biological, genetic, environmental, and psychological factors.

These aspects cause an imbalance in the brain's various parts that control attitude, appetite, thinking, sleep, and behavior. Depression can also be a genetic disorder that runs through the family. We are available for depression essay download to enable you to know other causes of the condition, such as:

  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Trauma
  • Stressful situations
  • Financial troubles

From these causes, what is an example of depression? Inabilities to raise enough money to pay bills and frustration in relationships are examples of depression that many individuals go through.

In your essay, you must be clear and provide relatable examples to help your readers understand every bit of your task. Writing a superior essay is about how you make it flow and provide relevant information. Your essay must be coherent and address the topic precisely.

Expound your essay by sharing other different aspects that lead to the condition like life events, accidents, and problems like isolation, abuse issues, and losing a job.

Symptoms of Depression

Be candid in your essay when talking about symptoms. What you provide should be examples and not a conclusive aspect of the signs that individuals experience. It is because people will have different symptoms. Free depression essays can guide you on how to write this section.

The frequency, duration, and severity of the condition differ depending on how individuals respond to it. In our medical examples, we provide more information for easy understanding. Like in this essay, the traits that characterize the condition include:

  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Desperateness
  • Negativity
  • Empty feelings
  • Persistent sadness
  • Guilt feelings
  • Insignificance

Some individuals can also lose interest in what was pleasurable. Ensure you are clear about how different people react to the moods of depression in your essay. Provide examples if you want to be more precise.

Forms of Depression

Various kinds of depression have typical symptoms, but they also have notable differences. When writing your essay, the ideal avenue is to briefly discuss each type to enable your reader to distinguish them. So, what are the 7 types of depression? Each of these kinds has examples you must explore deeper.

  1. Major Depression

This form of depression is also called classic or major depressive disorder that affects many individuals and has nothing to do with an individual's living style. You may have everything you want, even your dream life, but still be depressed.

  1. Persistent Depression

It prolongs up to two years. It is not as severe as the classic condition but can cause relationship difficulties and strain in daily tasks. It is also called dysthymia.

  1. Depressive Psychosis

This form makes individuals lose touch with reality. It includes hallucinations.

  1. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

It can be both physical and physiological affecting women. They feel emotional, mainly when they are about to experience their periods, and sometimes the feelings get in the way of their daily chores.

  1. Perinatal Depression

It primarily affects women during pregnancy or within a few weeks of childbirth. It is because of the hormonal imbalance that occurs during and after pregnancy.

  1. Seasonal Depression

It is a condition that happens in particular seasons. It occurs during winter for most individuals, and it is associated with social withdrawal and weight gain.

  1. Bipolar Depression/ Maniac Disorder

It comes with episodes of mania, where happy feelings alternate with sentiments of despair.

The Bottom Line

Writing excellent essays will require you to follow our examples. Besides, you can get more examples from our website to serve as guides if you cannot write your medical project. We research various topics to write quality examples to benefit any learner seeking online help.

Do you write essays about depression? Is this your question? The assistance we provide will help you to deliver an excellent order. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to read free depression essay samples online. We are available to assist clients who want to complete their medical essays by providing quality examples to emulate. We have a depression essays database that allows our clients to find the support they need to draft their essays. Our text will undoubtedly motivate you to write a persuasive essay.
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