Medical Event Field – Depression Example

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"Medical Event Field" is a wonderful example of a paper on depression. I have a close friend whose brother is maladjusted to life. There have been innumerable occasions, in their family, wherein my friend’ s brother would get intoxicated by consuming barbiturates in combination with alcohol. Counseling and cajoling did not have the desired effect, and my friend’ s family would frequently have to face very distressing scenes. One fine day, my friend’ s brother got into a very serious quarrel with his mother and decided to end his life. To this end, he swallowed handfuls of barbiturates and hid on the terrace, so that it would be too late for medical intervention to work, by the time he was discovered.

After a few hours of his absence, my friend and the other members of his family commenced searching for this missing person. I had just partaken of dinner and was engaged in some serious study when my friend called upon me for help. He was totally agitated and it took all of my persuasive powers to quell his disconcertion. Thereafter, we searched the places where he could have concealed himself, and finally located him on the roof of their building.

He had already collapsed and was unconscious, due to the effect of the barbiturates. My friend was a mass of nerves and so I took matters into hand and called the emergency ambulance service of the local hospital. The paramedics arrived within a half-hour, and we soon transferred the unconscious individual to a stretcher, and thereafter placed him in the ambulance. We were on the way to the hospital with the siren blaring away in all its glory, and the oscillating and rotating lights adding to the eerie effect of the screaming siren.

At the hospital, we rapidly entered the casualty department, where the attending doctor took down the unconscious patient’ s particulars and transferred him to the emergency room. Then the night-long vigil started. The emergency room doctors and nurses asked my friend as to what his brother had consumed and thereafter administered the stomach pump to him. Unfortunately, quite some time had elapsed since he had swallowed the barbiturates, which was now present to an alarming degree in his blood. The indefatigable team of doctors continued their unflagging efforts throughout the night.

In the early hours of the next day, the leader of this team of medical professionals decided that a blood transfusion was necessary to save the patient’ s life. His blood type was determined to be O- and there was some difficulty in immediately obtaining this type of blood. At this critical juncture, I volunteered to donate my blood, which fortunately was O-. The blood transfusion was successful and my friend’ s brother slowly gained consciousness.

As his stomach had been washed with great urgency, his voice was hoarse for a couple of days. Thereafter, the doctors gave him a lecture on the futility of ending one’ s life and motivated him to adopt a positive attitude towards life. To his credit, my friend’ s brother rightly considered the entire episode as a revelation from a higher power and became deeply religious. He changed his attitude towards life and has emerged successful in his career, and is now a happily married man with children.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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