Diabetes among South Asian Indian Women – Diabetes Mellitus Example

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"Diabetes among South Asian Indian Women" is a wonderful example of a paper on diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is one of the most prominent healthcare issues across the globe with a number of people being affected by it. The scenario is quite worrisome in Los Angeles County of the United States (County of Los Angeles Public Health (2007). A number of women have been affected by diabetes with South Asian Indian women largely being affected mainly because of their lifestyle and other factors (Osman, Curzio, 2012) The discussion aims to highlight reasons why diabetes is common in South Asian Indian women along with ascertaining objectives that will help in curing the disease at the local and community level in a systematic manner. Statement of the Problem Diabetes is one of the most prominent diseases and a number of South Asian Indian women have been affected by it.

The majority of women suffer from diabetes largely because of their lifestyle, financial issues, and less physical movement leading to diabetes complications (Osman, Curzio, 2012). The problem statement is to ascertain the reasons behind the emergence and presence of diabetes among South Asian Indian women along with assessing cultural, financial, and personal factors leading to the rise of diabetes among these women in the last few years.

Background of the Problem Sriskantharajah, Kai (2006) stated that people of South Asian origin have a higher degree of mortality and morbidity because of diabetes and heart complications. This is mainly because of the low degree of physical activity and wellness among this group compared to European and other ethnic groups. The prime reason behind the high degree of diabetes complications among South Asian Indian women is mainly because of issues like obesity, consumption of foods leading to obesity, and low insulin and cholesterol resistance.

Moreover, South Asian Indian women are not very much into physical activities that further affect the diabetes issues along with aggravating the issue. Goals and Objectives It is important to assess the impact and influence of diabetes on South Asian Indian women by conducting a thorough analysis and research on the available set of population. At the same time, it is important to take initiatives at the local, community, and family levels to mitigate the impact of diabetes.

Goals and objectives have to be measurable in order to identify the overall benefits and influence in the long run. Steps at the Local Level At the local level, it is important to identify South Asian Indian women suffering from diabetes by conducting surveys or collecting details from the local healthcare authorities. At the same time, these women need to be surveyed to assess demographic, social, and economic factors leading to diabetes. This will help in identifying a particular sample size that will further help in creating awareness and offering education on diabetes. Steps at the Community Level It is important to have the details of initiatives being undertaken by the authorized community pertaining to healthcare.

Moreover, community members can be educated on issues of diabetes along with lending a helping hand to women suffering from diabetes through counseling, medication, and proper healthcare checkups. Steps at the Family Level At the family level, it is important to educate South Asian Indian women on healthy lifestyles and eating habits helping in reducing weight along with taking initiatives in fighting diabetes.

At the same time, other members of the family can be educated on the importance of a healthy lifestyle so that they can help women in their families for a healthy lifestyle. Overall, it can be said that all these steps are taken at the local, community, and family levels will help in achieving the purposed goals and objectives.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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