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"How Society Views Diabetes Mellitus? "  is a great example of a paper on diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus has been present in the community for numerous years, and the views people possess on the disease have changed with the increase in pathogenetic knowledge and treatment approaches. In the beginning, society viewed diabetes as a slow death sentence, which took place without warning. However, studies have shown that individuals with diabetes who live correctly can have a healthier physiological status than those without diabetes. Researchers attribute this to the fact that these individuals eat the appropriate diet and partake in regular exercise.

Individuals in society are also now monitoring their lifestyles as a preventative measure of diabetes. How can we prevent diabetes?                       Many scientists have always possessed the opinion that the numbers of diabetes patients should be much lower and this is true (Walker, 2014). Research, especially concerning type II diabetes shows that lifestyle is a large component in the development of the disease. The main lifestyle factors that have been attributed to the development of type II diabetes include the consumption of high-calorie diet, fatty foods, sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity (Walker, 2014).

So the question still remains how individuals can reduce the likelihood of development of diabetes mellitus? The first approach will be to monitor one’ s diet. Individuals have increased the level of fast food consumption which predisposes them to obesity and overweight. Hence, the first preventative approach will be to reduce the level of consumption of high-calorie meals and drinks. The next approach will be to increase the level of activity in the community. Studies show that the majority of individuals are sedentary and spend a large part of their day stationery.

Physical activities have been labeled a better approach as a reduction in the diet has many drawbacks, with one being the naturally higher appetite in some individuals as well as the possibility of gaining weight regardless of the diet consumed. Making the right decisions to live a healthy life                       Each individual must make the right decision for his and her family. Regardless of the advancement in treatment, the disease has many psychological and financial implications and each individual should make the right lifestyle decisions.

It is better for one to sacrifice some liberties and live a healthy lifestyle as he or she will be forced down this road after the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Individuals should adopt healthy habits within their families starting from meal planning to the activities of the children. Impact on health care resources                       Clearly, cancer has a significant impact on resources both on a national and individual scale. From a national level, there is a reduction and limitation in the activities of the working class. This increases the number of dependents in terms of facilities for diabetes and those incapable of working.

The government will need to dedicate funding to multiple specialties as the complications of diabetes affect many systems. The treatment is also expensive as it is life-long and some people will require government support for their treatment program. Individuals should heed the warning signs and lead a healthy lifestyle as their future and that of their families depends on the simple decisions they make.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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