Bipolar Disease Solution – Disorder Example

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"Bipolar Disease Solution" is a brilliant example of a paper on the disorder. The medication solution is realistic as the other method has many challenges, including lack of confidentiality and untruthful clients who don't want to cooperate and get the therapy. Medication is the best solution now as they act as a mood stabilizer and make the users calm and attentive. The shortcoming of this solution is that the patients may abuse the drugs and get affected. The solution is supported in the research literature as in previous studies; therapy was found to be failing compared to the treatment of bipolar disorder using drugs and medication.

Medication is very effective compared with therapy as the drugs work fast and effectively as opposed to therapy, which is time-consuming (Walden University Career services). The advantages of adopting the medication solution are that its results are fast due to the direct impact of the drugs on the patients' minds and bodies. The medication promises better results as compared to psychotherapy, which is marred with many setbacks which make it fail. The main challenge of implementing the solution of medication is the issue of drug abuse and irresponsible usage.

Patients may be tempted to oversee the drugs, a thing that may worsen their state. The other issue of implanting this method is that the drugs are expensive to purchase (Walden University Career services). The barrier of using the medication solution is the high cost of acquiring the drugs to treat the disorder. The patients may try to abuse the drugs, a thing that may jeopardize the chances of recovering from bipolar disorder. The possibility of the irresponsible use of the drugs is traumatizing as if the patients aren't watched; the abuse may worsen their state of mind.

The solution would have more impact on the patients and those around them. The patient’ s moods would be stabilized hence making them relaxed and attentive (Walden University Career services). The family of the patient would also be impacted as they are the ones who will bear the cost of acquiring costly drugs. The consequences of the solution would be that the patients would recover and become more stable and even become better members of society.

The drugs' direct impact would make the patients be healed after a short time, which would reduce the chances of the patient and the family suffering. The treatment of this disorder would mean a lot to the patients and their families. Recovery from this disorder would boost the patients' self-esteem and make them more involved in interacting with their fellow members of society. Members of the society would initially not be able to communicate well with the patient. Still, when the patient recovers, they become better people aware of what is happening around them (Walden University Career services). The best solution for dealing with bipolar disorder is combining both the two solutions the therapy and the medication.

The two solutions have some drawbacks, which deter them from being 100 % effective, but upon combining the two, excellent results are achieved. Patients who undergo therapy and disclose all relevant information are found to have higher chances of getting assisted faster than those who hold back relevant information. Recent research on the effectiveness of medication in treating bipolar disease established that patients who took the medication as specified had higher chances of getting healed than those who misused the drugs and abused them.

When the two solutions have combined the chances of success are increased as the two solutions blend well. Drugs make an immediate impact while therapy takes longer (Walden University Career services). The two solutions offer the best solution to the treatment of Bipolar disorder. Upon the two solutions being combined, the patients will be healed. Their self-esteem will be boosted, making them relate well with their relatives and society (Walden University Career services).

The solution ensures that the patients begin to lead their healthy lives without worrying about the disease anymore. The two solutions have dealt with the issue and addressed it completely. Combining the two solutions to form one solution will increase the efficiency of the solution and improve patient esteem and interaction in society (Walden University Career services). Society can be made aware of bipolar disease so that they know what causes it and how it can be treated to ensure it is fought and extinguished in society.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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