Movies about Mental Illness and Disorders – Disorder Example

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"Movies about Mental Illness and Disorders" is a perfect example of a paper on the disorder. Behavioral study unveils emotional abnormality in fictional films and movies about mental illness and disorders. Through unending research, social scientists reveal a list of mental disorders that are somehow similar in symptoms, but slight differences categorize each into a respective category. In most cases, the mind is triggered to get instability, which causes abnormality in actions, thoughts, and general social relations. Prolonged substance use, deficit or excess of essential body reactors, and altered interests in daily activities such as feeding, sleep, or sexual intercourse are some of the leading causes of mental disorders.

As a clinical social worker, I use the film called Strange Voices to find out about the symptoms and diagnosis of schizophrenia's main character, Nicole. After analyzing Nicole's situation, I use her behavioral change before, during, and after treatment to determine the kind of criteria used, whether it relates to the history and accuracy of diagnosing schizophrenia. The movie is about an academic excellence lady who starts acting up after developing paranoia about her boyfriend's fidelity.

Nicole seemed so sure about her allegations that she confronts him, which was a turning point to her irrational emotionally-driven actions. Upon being so much convinced by alleged shreds of evidence of cheating, Nicole develops hallucinations where strange and non-existent voices instruct her. Some of her disturbed mind's main signs include outrageous acts during a part where her father gets so much embarrassed. Her imaginary voices also make her destroy a computer, causing her parents to seek medical attention. Because of denial, the parents are adamant about schizophrenia diagnosis and choose to believe that heartbreaks from Nicole's relationship with Jeff make her violent and unreasonable.

Nicole listens to what her parents think of her situation and decides to get back with Jeff and ignore her medication, which brings about her hallucinations and delusions. https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=hJkQ4fJjOvoThe importance of her diagnosis could make it easy for her parents to handle her and Lisa without making either seem less attended. If Nicole could adhere to medications, her situation could level, and she could evade psychotic behaviors. Drug resistance also makes Nicole be sent to a mental institution to believe that she is beyond home outpatient medication.

However, the diagnosis led to many misunderstandings in the family, i.e. , Lisa is afraid that she is left out. Parents often argue about Nicole's conditions and the most appropriate way to contain her impulsive acts. Nicole's behavior and illness cause her sister to refrain from joining University in fear that she might be another Nicole version. As per the movie, problems in Nicole's life and distress link to other mental illness symptoms. According to how her parents deny her schizophrenia diagnosis because she was more of a schizotypal than a schizoid type of person, Nicole's acts are similar to personality disorders.

Nicole developed an avoidant personality gauging how she ignores her condition and refuses to take the medication process seriously. I can relate her uncertainty to paranoid disorder because she started losing sense when accused of the boyfriend on infidelity issues. Nicole also thinks that medication is up to more harm than good in her situation. When I gauge the above similarities in mental disorders and Nicole's diagnosis, I can't entirely agree with her being schizophrenic.

Nicole listens to voices and acts irrationally, but this situation could be linked to paranoid disorders, instilling fears in her to act up. Instead of treating her for schizophrenia or sending her to a mental institution, Nicole could be tested with other related disorders. Template  Although I agree with Nicole's Doctor about her being schizophrenic, I cannot accept the overall conclusion that she must be treated for schizophrenia.  Although I'm afraid I disagree with the doctor about schizophrenia in Nicole’ s case and being taken to a mental institution, I agree with the conclusion that she must get treatment relating to mental health.  A political scientist studying mental health has argued that physical and environmental factors cause schizophrenia.

While genetics and psychological issues contributing to the problem, emotions are also important factors.  While noting about schizophrenia, I am content that can be controlled. The accuracy of a schizophrenia diagnosis is significant in the way that when Nicole was administered for treatment, her situation calmed, and she was resuming normalcy. Nicole's diagnosis is accurate to clinical diagnostic criteria by how she is treated according to schizophrenia symptoms, i.e. , strange voices. Template In addressing schizophrenia, researchers have considered several explanations for this disorder to be more of delusional existence.

Another possible reason is schizophrenia is associated with extreme fantasy.  Scholars point the role of schizophrenia medical prescription is to bring normalcy in the thoughts, hearing, and vision of a patient.  Existing research on the characters of a schizophrenic individual presents convincing evidence of schizophrenia in the film. Conclusively, the film is relevant to issues that surround mental disorder patients.

They are hard to understand as most patients, and their close kins live in denial. The criteria used for stabilizing Nicole were based on her bizarre ways. She revealed to her sister Lisa on hearing strange voices, a situation that begets 99% of mental disorder patients, who exist in unreal worlds. A lesson from the peculiar voices film is that mentally disturbed individuals need full support to adhere to medication, not the way Nicole's parents were divided on helping her heal.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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