An Insight on Oxycodone – Drug Therapy Example

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'An Insight on Oxycodone' is a wonderful paper on frug therapy.   There are several drugs which are very widely used to relieve pain, morphine is a very widely used drug and so is Oxycodone. Moderate pain to severe pain can be treated using Oxycodone. This paper will shed more light upon this drug, all the important information will be expansively presented in this paper. Oxycodone is quite dangerous to consume without proper prescription and only the person who it has been prescribed for should take it. It is important to keep Oxycodone in a place where others cannot reach it; it should be kept far away from the reach of children especially.

Intake of alcohol with Oxycodone can be fatal, it has caused deaths in the past and it is really dangerous to consume alcohol with this drug. A person who has been prescribed Oxycodone should check his food to ensure that it contains no alcohol otherwise it can have serious ramifications. Oxycodone should never be consumed in larger amounts; the prescription of the Doctor must be kept in mind and should always be followed. “ Since its introduction in 1996, the number of OxyContin® prescriptions dispensed has increased 20-fold to about 6 million in 2000.

During this same time, medical examiners, drug treatment centres, law enforcement personnel, and pharmacists have reported a substantial increase in the abuse of this product. ” (Drugs and Chemicals of Concern) If it stops working out which means if it stops relieving the pain, it becomes really important to let the Doctor know. It is also important to inform the Doctor about any undesirable changes the drug has caused so that appropriate steps can be taken to ensure that no complications occur. Oxycodone has the ability to impair reaction and thinking and it becomes very difficult to interpret under such extremely difficult circumstances.

It is important not to drive or do any such activity which requires a lot of attention after consuming this drug. The drug can have seriously unpleasant withdrawal symptoms this is why it should never be stopped suddenly. Withdrawal symptoms can be avoided by consulting a doctor. Narcotic medicines can cause serious allegoric problems in some people; Oxycodone should never be taken if any such allergic problem has been experiences prior to taking this drug.

Morphine, Vicodin, Lortab and so on, are all narcotics and can cause allergic problems. People who have had the history of drug abuse should never consume Oxycodone, it can lead to addiction and overdose. Overdose of Oxycodone is fatal and can cause death. People who suffer from breathing problems or asthma attacks should never consume Oxycodone, it can lead to serious health problems. Even people who have bowel obstruction should never consume Oxycodone. To conclude it is fair to say that Oxycodone is a very helpful drug but it should be consumed only by the person for who it has been prescribed for.

It should be kept out of the reach of children and other people; it becomes really important to keep it out of the reach of people who have had a history of drug abuse.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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