The Strength and Motivations of the Supplement Industry – Drug Therapy Example

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"The Strength and Motivations of the Supplement Industry"  is an engrossing example of a paper on drug therapy. The supplement  industry has become the basic need of every nation because people cannot live without supplements in the recent age due to environmental and industrial growth. For the growth of the supplement industry, the relevant companies should register their products to the Food and Drugs Administration to increase loyal consumers in the market. Those companies get more revenues and loyal customers, which fulfills the demand of consumers and accordingly their health needs.

Distributors of the supplements also play an important role to strengthen the linked industry by trusting the exact given information on the products’ labels, as the distributors are there to promote the industry in a practical way by knowing the demand and supply trends of the markets. The quality of the supplements should be perfect and passed through every laboratory test packaging and labeling of the products help the industry to promote the specific brands by providing clear information to the customers in sense of benefits or harms of the limited dosages (Fda. gov). Discuss some of the limitations of the results from the "supplements reducing colon cancer" article. Dr.

Grant Pierce stated that the effects of multivitamins and minerals use are still unauthentic to reduce the risk of colon cancer or beneficial for cancer patients during the treatment. To know the importance of supplements towards the colon cancer reduction disease, an experiment was developed to see the results on different groups of rats by providing different supplements daily. The results concluded that the rats, which were fed high fat plus and low fiber diets, were, exposed fewer benefits.

Those rats, which were given multivitamins and minerals daily, got much recovery response. The results include that some supplements are not useful for cancer patients. There should be a dietary balance to take supplements; otherwise, there will be no positive effects (Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press)). Discuss some of the limitations of the other two papers showing the harm of supplement use. The supplement industry has gotten popularity amongst the poor and needs by an increase in demand and supply in the domestic and foreign countries all over the world.

Though everyone takes supplements to live healthy and active by knowing the merits of required products, it is not true that supplements are only beneficial. Recent studies have proved that the calcium supplement in takings is good for health, as it increases the risk of heart attack effectively.   The reason for the negative effects of calcium is the soaring blood above the normal range, which influences the flooding veins to harm the health. But doctors also recommend to the patients and the public to take calcium dose at a minimum level on the daily basis, because calcium is the need of body but not in many doses (BMJ-British Medical Journal).

Calcium is good for bones, so it should be a normal part of the dietary patterns. Some people take supplements to get stronger and healthy in short term duration, which is harmful to them. The studies have proved that extra use of supplements increases the risk of cancer very efficiently. Some supplements such as; Beta carotene, selenium, and folic acid are enough to take up to three times daily for health, but more than three times use the supplements become harmful for health in terms of cancer disease (University of Colorado Denver).

Above mentioned supplements are the needs of the human body, but not excessive use for health. The users of the supplements should be aware of the benefits and harmful effects of every supplement to not getting a serious disease and should not take without a doctor’ s permission. Wrap up your essay with what you have learned and your overall opinion of supplements Supplements have both negative and positive effects on human beings and animals.

Everyone should be responsible to play one’ s role. The supplement industries should provide the full information accordingly product use. People should eat healthy and natural foods rather than supplements.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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