Types of Cardiac Diseases – Drug Therapy Example

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"Types of Cardiac Diseases" is an excellent example of a paper on drug therapy. The basic regimen for treating cardiac diseases consists of several pharmacological drugs as well as a surgical intervention if the medical treatment is not working. The pharmacological regimen includes several groups of drugs such as calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers, alpha-adrenergic agonists, vasodilators, and diuretics.   All of  these drugs act either directly or  indirectly  on the heart to decrease the work stress and thereby the energy requirement of the heart and prevent the chances of a heart attack. Calcium channel blockers act by blocking the calcium channels in cardiac muscles decreasing the strength and tone of their contraction.

This leads to  decreased  energy requirements by the muscles and preventing further attacks. Beta-blockers and vasodilators act by dilating the coronary arteries supplying the heart. Their dilation leads to an extra supply of blood to the heart and extra nutrients. Diuretics decreased the  workload  on the heart by excretion of water, leading to decreased venous return.     The treatment of pathophysiology given by doctors is that they try to decrease the frequency of angina attacks  so that the prevention of  acute coronary  syndromes  such  as;   MI could be survived.   Various treatments could be given to the patient in the case to prevent heart disease or heart failure.

Some  patients  can be treated with the help of Bypass surgery,   Left ventricular assist device (LVAD),   Heart valve surgery,   Infarct exclusion surgery,   or  Heart transplant. All these treatments depend on the patient’ s current state. (Heart Failure Treatment)The proper diet  helps to prevent heart failure which includes; fruits, vegetables, low-fat products, eggs, meat,   seafood, nuts, beans, peas,   etc. This  could be done by taking control of  cholesterol improvement, blood pressure  control,   serum glucose control,   and  smoking  habits in the patients. (How Is Heart Failure Treated? )This whole treatment depends on after the  doctor diagnoses  the exact stage of heart failure.   Heart failure can also be treated by the therapy of drug treatment.   The usage of such drugs might result in  the cardiac of  Congestive heart failure  (CHF).

Congestive  heart failure is a clinical syndrome, which is developed due to the accumulation of the blood. The  blood which is in front of the left  heart  or the blood  on the right parts of the heart  (Hanacek). The  drugs  may put  the effect on cardiac preload, cardiac  afterload, or myocardial contractility.   Those drugs which increase the cardiac preload or afterload will be harmful to the  patient and  can result in  heart failure.

The drugs prescribed by doctors these days to prevent heart failure can’ t be trustworthy to rely on. These drugs hold negative effects on the heart system, as these drugs directly affect the  ventricular function. The performance of the ventricular function depends on the preload and afterload of the cardiac. The drugs imbalances the  cardiac function, which could  lead  the patient  at the risk of  CHF. The  only best treatment to prevent heart failure relies on your proper diet.   The follow up of the good diet changes the patient’ s life & the patient survives  longer  than assumed.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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