Chiropractic Therapeutic Modalities – Fitness&Exercise Example

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"Chiropractic Therapeutic Modalities" is a wonderful example of a paper on fitness and exercises. Chiropractors employ the use of hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative methods of treatment to diagnose, treat and prevent ailments of the neuromuscular skeletal system. They emphasize on use of manual and manipulative therapy on the premise that correct alignment of the muscular-skeletal system, in particular the spine, enables the body to heal naturally. Chiropractors are generally categorized as Complementary and Alternative medicine practitioners, though some aspects are considered pseudoscientific. According to Leach (2004), Chiropractors use a range of therapeutic modalities to provide relief and hasten the healing process.

One of the forms of care they provide is soft tissue manipulation which can be equated to traditional stretching and massage. This involves a controlled procedure that employs soft tissue stretching with the intention to enhance muscular elasticity. Chiropractors use this procedure to treat many types of soft tissue injuries such as contusions, and sprains that are brought about by physical activity. Personal trainers normally use stretching as a means of preventing muscular fatigue and injury on their clients before and after physical activity. Some chiropractors use cryotherapy, which is the localized or whole-body application of low temperatures to cure different types of tissue damage.

This works by decreasing inflammation and spasms. Furthermore, it increases cellular health and survival rates. Personal trainers have widely used ice pack therapy to offer instant relief to injuries of traumatic nature. Moreover, they can be used before engaging in physical activity to numb muscles and joints which have experienced a recent injury. Joint Manipulation is another type of chiropractic therapy that targets various joints of the person’ s body.

It is normally practiced by using hands and works by loosening the joints to restore normal movement and ease tensions. It is a form of therapy that is highly specialized, and a personal trainer can perform it after undergoing some basic training. Most other forms of chiropractic therapy modalities are highly specialized and require specific equipment and professional training. However, through the use of therapeutic modalities, a personal trainer can use basic diagnostic and treatment therapies that fit in the chiropractors’ rehabilitation practice.    


Leach, R. A. (2004). The chiropractic theories: A textbook of scientific research. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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