Physical Activity and Health – Fitness&Exercise Example

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"Physical Activity and Health"  is an engrossing example of a paper on fitness and exercise.     Day   Date March 2015   Moderate   Time Spent   Vigorous   Time Spent   Strength (METs)   Reps         Sunday     14th   General gardening   25mins   Race walking   45min   7.5   9         Monday     15th     Ballroom dancing     20mins   Fast pace in-line skating     30min     6     10         Tuesday     16th   Water aerobics   32mins   Swimming laps   25min   6.5   8       Wednesday   17th   Tennis ( double)   28mins   Jumping rope   30min   11   11       Thursday     18th     Badminton     25mins     Hiking     1hr     8     9       Friday   19th   Laundering   30mins High impact aerobics   40min   16   8   Saturday   20st   Brisk walking   33min   Vigorous dancing   90min   12   10 In my documentation, the description of strength is a measure of intensity. Intensity, as used in this instance, implies the rate at which each of the activities outlined above is carried out. Intensity from this case, therefore, refers to the amount or magnitude of effort needed to carry out an activity (Bouchard 34). From the tabulation of the activities, it is evident that different forms of vigorous activity demand different levels of strength.

The measurement of the amount of strength is in metabolic equivalent (METs). This standard of measure METs gives the ratio of the working metabolic rate in relation to the rate of resting metabolic (Bouchard 36). A unit of MET equals the energy cost of sitting quietly and this translates to the equivalence of a caloric consumption of 1Kcal/Kg/hour. After whole week incorporation of the above recommendation in my life, I can candidly intimate that I was able to meet the minimum requirements for all the above activities.

Through self-discipline and consistency, I ensured the adherence of all the minimum requirements to the latter. In order to meet all the requirements, my starting point was moderate activities as these would help in improving my response to any subsequent vigorous activities. Prior to adopting any vigorous undertakings, for this reason, begin with the moderate activities to facilitate the preparation of my body for the vigorous activities that would follow in the day.   The easiest part of the incorporation of these activities was when conducting activities mainly involving ordinary house chores.

For example, general gardening and laundering were very easy to incorporate as these formed compelling and routine activities of my daily life. The most difficult part of the recommendation was in the segment of the vigorous activity section. Having not been accustomed to most of these activities, their adoption posed great challenges for me adopting. Fast pace in-line, skating and race walking provided new challenges and a new experience in my experience with exercising. For the overall enhancement of my general physical activity, my greatest intention is working and improving my levels of consistency.

Consistency and commitment are important for the achievement of good results for my routine and these should be the major goals of the exercising activity.   Prioritization and allocation of adequate time is also my other strategy especially for the vigorous exercises, as these would help to quicken the achievement of better results from the routine. Most of the probable courses of action for the undertaking are not very difficult for average individuals. The success of these recommendations has its basis on good strategies of implementation.

The strategy, therefore, forms the most crucial determinant of success. The recommendations are very achievable and thus do not pose great challenges for average individuals. The last important issue is the need for gradual progression from the less demanding to the more vigorous exercises for increased efficiency in adapting to the routines.


Bouchard, Claude. Physical Activity and Health. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2007. Print.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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