Physical Activity and Health – Fitness&Exercise Example

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"Physical Activity and Health" is a good example of a paper on fitness and exercise. Physical fitness has a significant influence on human health. It influences the development of chronic diseases like coronary heart diseases and diabetes.   Evaluation of physical fitness requires an integrated approach that takes into consideration all the measures that influence general human health. The paper examines an assessment of coronary heart risk factors based on the obtained results and nature of the test.                       Flexibility is an important measure of fitness. Flexibility increases the range of motion that an individual can make.

It is a direct indication of the amount of stretching that one performs. Flexibility is described as the movement of a joint through a full range of motion. The level of flexibility varies depending on an individual, physical fitness, and general body conditions.   Positive results for a flexibility test mean that one can stretch a distance that is above average.   Positive results mean an individual has good flexibility, which is important for physical movements and exercise. Negative results would mean poor flexibility, which means one should try focusing, on stretch exercises, to improve his or her flexibility.

It relates to the aspect of the amount of fat deposit in joints and the level of fitness that one engages on a routine basis.   The total physical fitness score is the score that considers all the parameters that indicate the level of fitness. It shows whether one has endurance, flexibility, and muscle strength to perform activities without getting tired too fast. The total physical fitness score would relate to aspects like endurance, flexibility, and muscle strength.

It relates to the overall physical state of an individual.                       The negative aspects of the overall assessment are maximal oxygen consumption, grip strength, and the fat ratio percentage. Additional negative assessments are the diastolic and systolic measures.   The rationality behind the selection of these aspects is the fact that one should able to attain at least average in all these measures.   The CHD score takes consider results in systolic, diastolic, maximal oxygen consumption, percentage of fat, and overall physical fitness. It is an apparent indicator of the risk associated with developing coronary heart disease.

Positive results mean a reduced risk of contracting coronary heart disease. Positive results will occur if one obtains good results in diastolic, systolic, physical fitness, and fat percentage. It means one engages in healthy living by exercising and watching diet. Negative results mean an individual is at a very high risk of getting coronary heart disease. It would happen when gets negative results in most of the critical measures that make the total risk score. It happens because of a negative lifestyle with no physical fitness to help keep the body active.                       Aerobic fitness, Grip strength, body composition, systolic, and diastolic blood pressures all score average.

The scores are very close to negative. The scores from these measures imply a lack of an exercise routine that can help keep the body active. The measures that score average are all related to physical fitness. Positive results in these measures would mean that one takes part in constant physical activity and healthy living. Positive results would be indicated by above-average scores in all the scores.   Negative results would mean one life a very unhealthy life by engaging in the consumption of junk food with little or no physical activity.   The attainment of negative results would occur because of poor lifestyle practices.

Positive results would come with healthy lifestyle practices.                       Based on the results, it is necessary to improve physical exercise and diet selection. The low scores on aerobic fitness, grip strength, and body composition all imply that the level of physical activity is extremely low. Therefore, the level of physical activity should increase to help in mastering endurance, burning body fat, toning muscles, and improving diastolic and systolic pressures.   An increase in these measures will go a long in eliminating the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.                       Lifestyle choices have a direct effect on these results.

It is apparent that the habit of smoking has decreased the ability of the lungs to hold enough air, which might explain the low endurance scores.   Smoking leads to the inhalation of carbon monoxide, which binds to red blood cells. It limits the amount of oxygen that can reach the lungs, which reduces endurance. Hence, the low aerobic fitness scores received.

Illegal meals lead to the accumulation of fat. The consumption of large amounts of food leads to the deposit of fat. It is responsible for the poor results in the fat percentage found in the body. Consumption of junk food with no consideration for their nutritional effects can explain the poor body composition. Junk food contains lots of fat that might be responsible for poor results in diastolic and systolic blood pressure measures. The deposit of fat along arterial walls can explain the results shown in systolic and diastolic blood pressure measures.                       Many things must change to achieve an optimal level of well-being.

First, it makes sense to start eliminating poor eating habits.   It would make sense to adapt to eating habits that take consider the nutritional effects of a meal. For example, one could start with a meal that has a high amount of nutrition (usually breakfast). The rest of the meals can be taken with little consideration to nutritional effects given that a large meal took into account all nutritional effects.   The routine for meals should be regular to make the body adapt.

Second, one must consider quitting smoking. It is a difficult task. It would be advisable to start with reducing the amount that one normally smokes in a day. Decrease smoking to half a pack in a day. It will take time to ensure there is no space for relapse. Discipline is essential to make these changes stick. Finally, one should develop a steady exercise regime.   The exercise regime should be organized to ensure the body has time for recovery.

It should be made of simple physical exercise. The positive effect of the regime can only be felt if one can maintain a working routine. These changes will improve the overall well-being of any individual.


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