Benefits of Whey Protein – Food&Nutrition Example

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"Benefits of Whey Protein" is a great example of a paper on food and nutrition. Recent research found that men who eat whey protein are less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who do have to consume whey protein. This case in time is an example of a unique benefit of whey protein, which is rich in protein. During the cheese processing, whey emerges as one of the byproducts. Today, I know of many brands of whey protein in the form of powder, which is ready for consumption when mixed with water or milk.

Few people use whey protein and the reason is that many are not aware of the vast benefits of whey protein. Today, I will discuss the benefit of whey protein in helping in loss, curing medical illness, boosting the immune, and saving time for students. After researching whey protein, I found that there are many other benefits that we cannot ignore. Let us start by looking at the benefit of whey protein in weight loss. Many people, especially women, use whey protein for weight loss.

Among the weight loss supplements, whey protein is effective in promoting weight loss without affecting the muscle mass of consumers. A study on the impact of whey protein on weight found that women who supplemented their diet with whey protein lost more weight than those who did not take whey protein (Owens 282). Whey protein is essential for patients on HIV drugs that could increase their weight. Because whey protein reduces the buildup of subcutaneous fat, it reduces the overall weight of its consumers. Weight loss is an important aspect of health that motivates people to use various techniques such as taking unique diets.

While some people take meals with lower calories, those who consume whey protein experience significant weight loss. I read a journal article on a six-month study about women on weight loss programs (Karst 24). Many women reported that whey protein, together with exercise, was a better strategy for reducing body weight. Now that you understand the importance of whey protein in body loss, let us move and see how whey protein can help cure cancer. Cancer continues to cause significant health risks to humans, but whey protein can help prevent cases of cancer.

The Mayo Clinic recognizes that a limited number of clinical trials identify whey protein as a critical component that could reduce cases of cancer. The Clinic outlines that intake of 30 grams of whey protein, taken through the mouth; every six months could help prevent cancer among persons over 18 years. The benefits of whey protein in cancer prevention and treatment stem from the unique properties of this protein-rich substance. Whey protein has anti-cancer properties making the whey protein concentrate a unique ingredient in cancer treatment.

A few cancer victims that I know are currently taking whey protein. One of the people has colon cancer and reports that whey protein helps in mitigating the severe impact of cancer. Given the importance of whey protein in cancer treatment and prevention, I believe that whey protein will remain a critical health supplement. Now that you know the role of whey protein in cancer treatment, let us look at how it boosts immunity. Whey protein contains vital ingredients that are helpful in boosting immunity.

A wealth of research indicates that whey protein has amino acids, which are necessary for longevity and health. Amino acids, found in whey protein, offer humans considerable defense against diseases and are an important aspect of maintaining health and wellness. Whey protein contains protein such as lactalbumin, which is essential in the production of immune boosters (Woodward 359). This implies that persons with low immunity could find great benefit from taking whey protein. For instance, aging persons may find whey protein a robust immunity builder that could prevent diseases such as flu.

Now that we understand the role of whey protein in increasing immunity, let us see how it helps save time on meals. Whey protein is rich in protein and a perfect alternative for persons who do not want to spend considerable time preparing food such as bacon or eggs. When someone is in a hurry, it makes sense to prepare some food that will not take long to cook (Noble and Carol 184). A protein shake is my favorite because I always prepare it within a shorter time than eggs.

When one is in college, time is a critical factor and anything that saves on time is desirable. I often prefer a protein shake to cook an egg. All that I do is mix my favorite protein shakes with water in a blender and my drink will be ready in a few minutes. The ease of preparing a protein shake from whey protein makes me save on time. We can see that whey protein has considerable benefits, let us review these benefits once again. Whey protein helps in losing weight, but it does not affect the muscle mass of its users.

It also helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer patients. This is because whey protein has anti-cancer properties. Whey protein also boosts immunity because it has amino acids. In addition, protein shakes are easy to prepare using whey protein and save time. Now that we know the value of whey protein, let us choose a favorite whey protein and start benefiting from its important properties.

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