Dietary Supplements: Current Issues – Food&Nutrition Example

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"Dietary Supplements: Current Issues" is a great example of a paper on food and nutrition. There are various supplements found in the current market. Five of those common include Glucosamine, Vitamin C, and Omega-3, Cod liver oil, and multivitamin. Glucosamine is a chemical component found in the body whose crucial ingredient is to lubricate the joints’ cartilage; this supplement treats arthritis. Doctors prescribe Glucosamine since it has no harm, but science has proven that it does not work. Omega-3 supplements are an ingredient found in milk, eggs, and bread.

These omega-3 supplements treat brain dysfunction and boost the immune system (James L. Summers, 115). It is best for people recovering from a heart attack.   Original omega-3 must contain EPA and DHA; these are markers of original quality. People who are healthy should avoid this supplement and eat fish instead.   Cod Liver Oil supplement is the best remedy for weak bones. It has an essential ingredient of vitamin D, which is necessary for strong bones. Cod liver oil is beneficial for bones, but a large intake of oily fish and exposure to sunlight is better than the supplement (Jenna Hollenstein, 50).

Vitamin C helps in diseases such as cold, but it cannot prevent someone from contracting it again. It is best for athletes who constantly push their bodies to their limits. Large doses of this vitamin are dangerous and do not give any life-changing benefit. Multivitamin supplements take care of daily health requirements; however, research has shown that the evidence of this supplement is lacking and has not been proved scientifically. Any company that manufactures supplements markets and funds its own supplements; it makes sure that the supplement reaches the market safe and fit for consumption and is well labeled.

The science behind the efficiency of supplements is not scientifically proven although many people still take them for various reasons, the main reason being for dietary insurance(Shawn M. Talbot, 205). Supplements help people get what they miss in their diet. People must always select a supplement whose product used in the research is known; this ensures safe and effective product instead of risking your health on counterfeit products.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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