Favorite Snack Milky Way – Food&Nutrition Example

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"Favorite Snack Milky Way" is a great example of a paper on food and nutrition. Milky Way is chocolate that is loved by both adults and children alike. Milky Way was made by a famous gastronomer named Frank C. Milky Way has a center filled with white nougat like substance which is covered by chocolate. The bar is so soft and creamy that it is a delight for a person belonging to any age group. I like it because it is fluffy and easy to eat and one never gets tired of eating it. One chocolate bar of Milky Way contains milk chocolate and coated chocolate malt nougat.

The nougat present in Milky Way is not made out of nuts but it contains egg white, corn syrup, sugar, malted milk powder, and chocolate. Milky Way is a little sweet than other chocolates. It is slightly sticky due to the presence of nougat and creamy too. I like Milky Way because it’ s soft and fragile. The nougat inside it enhances its taste. A person who loves chocolate may not like Milky Way much because it does not have anything to bite on such as nuts, caramel, or crunch. There are about 15 ingredients present in every Milky Way bar.

These are skimmed milk powder, sugar, glucose syrup, milk fat, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, maltose, way powder, barley malt extract, salt, soya lecithin, milk protein, egg white, and natural vanilla flavor.   (Dupey, 2011) Each 100-gram bar of Milky Way contains about 448 calories and about 15.9 grams of fat. Milky Way is considered a soft delight as it contains less fat and calories than any other chocolate bar weighing 100 grams. Milky Way can be used as a substitute for energy in alarming conditions when there isn’ t anything else present so as to cope up with the body’ s energy needs.

It is not a healthy snack and we should not recommend this to anybody as a substitute for nutritional needs. It contains a high level of sugar therefore it is not recommendable for diabetic patients. People having allergies to egg white or any other ingredient present in Milky Way should avoid it.   According to a snack check report Milky Way has been awarded 15 SNR.

This means it is neutral from a nutritional point. Milky Way occupies less than 10% of the adult’ s daily calories requirement. It completes about 4.9% calories requirement, 1.6% proteins requirement, 9.3% carbohydrates, and about 7% of fats requirements in adult’ s daily need. Whereas it covers 8.1% of calories need, 1.8% proteins, 9% carbohydrates, and 8.7% fat need in a child’ s daily diet requirement. Milky Way when compared with other chocolate like Snicker and Mars does not stand out much. The reason is that chocolate like Snickers contains real nougat with peanut and caramel while Milky Way does not have such ingredients.

Snicker, Mars, and Milky Way can be linked together as they have been created by the same company, namely Frank C Mars. Milky Way is a great little sweet delight that one may use to get energy but on the whole, it has no nutritional value.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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