Importance of Shopping and Cooking Food by Yourself – Food&Nutrition Example

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"Importance of Shopping and Cooking Food by Yourself" is a perfect example of a paper on food and nutrition. Research reveals that some of the customer behaviors in retail shops selling food staffs lead to food poisoning (Applebaum, 2015). Various customers might tamper with food products by continuously touching them. In this regard, I prefer shopping for foodstuff by myself. This is very important since it enables me to check the validity of the food sold. I physically check the date that the food will expire. Consequently, cases of food poisoning resulting from consumption of expired food will not be there.

Additionally, personal food shopping enables me to identify clean food for consumption. Essentially, it is vital for an individual to cook a particular food for themselves. As such, I usually cook the food myself. This helps me in observance of high hygienic standards during the cooking period. It aids in the observation of the accurate duration of time required to cook a specified food (Applebaum, 2015). Importance of Eating Two Serve of Fruit Each DayTwo serving of fruit is the recommended intake for adults (Foodland, 2015).

Evidently, enjoying a wide range of healthy, nutritious foods with a two-serve fruit intake leads to an active lifestyle. Two serve fruit intake helps in balancing the nutrients in the body to give a strong and healthy outlook. Essentially, one serve of fruit is approximately 150 grams of fresh fruit. In this regard, a human being has to take two serves daily. The serves will help provide additional nutrients that were not present in the main food taken (Foodland, 2015). On a personal account, I ensure that I consume two serve fruits a day.

This has led to the realization of positive results since my health conditions are in good shape. The fruits provide roughages that ensure proper digestion in the body. The nutrients sourced from the daily eaten food will be absorbed quickly into the body after taking a fruit serve. How well did the Frequency Food Questionnaire Capture my Usual Dietary Intake for the Past Month and Year? The questioner is designed to assess frequent food staff eaten by an individual daily (Michael & Sarah, 2013).

The questions asked to portray a clear picture that some food staffs are not liked by very many people. However, the frequency of food consumption varies among individuals. My past food intake for the last month has not been following the correct dietary requirements. I have consumed a lot of carbohydrates without mixing fruits and other body-building food. Consequently, the questioner has made me realize that there are specific food staffs that have to be taken. The recommended food staff from the questionnaire aid in a healthy body that is free from disease infections.

For instance, the questionnaire differentiates a variety of bread that is in the market (Michael & Sarah, 2013). I have been taking any bread that I find in the market without taking into consideration the specifications. Evidently, the questionnaire has greatly changed my daily dietary intake. How will the Growing and preparation of the Food that I eat Change My consumption? Growing and preparation of food can easily change the type of food eaten by an individual. The questionnaire provides a variety of foodstuff that can be grown and prepared by an individual.

Essentially, an individual growing a specified type of food will tend too frequently eats that food and forgets about other varieties sold in the market (WHO, 2015). On a personal account, I like eating white bread and rice. I like eating the two types of food since they are readily available in my location. The availability of these two food staff led to my addiction. In this regard, it is evident that growing and preparing of food staffs that I east can change my daily diet.

The change will be triggered by the availability of the food. Additionally, the fact that I prepared the food myself will make me to like the type. Comparison of 2 Serves of Fruit and Vegetables with My Respective GenderThe National Health and Medical Research Council for Australia outlines the specification of fruits to be consumed daily by various individuals. Essentially, the council has specifications of a number of fruit serves and vegetables that have to be taken daily based on gender and age. In effect, the council recommends that an adult aged between 20 to 30 years has to consume 2 fruit serves and 5 vegetable serves daily (Sheila, 2013).

The recommendations made by this council are based on global dietary conditions that ensure healthy living. I have consistently taken 2 fruit serves daily but failed to fulfill the 5 vegetable serves as recommended by the council. Consequently, a male aged 27 years have to strictly follow the guidelines provided by the council to ensure healthy living. The individual who observes the recommendations is far much healthier than me.

As such, I need to stick to the recommended guidelines for healthy living. The Effect of the Like and Dislike Questionnaire on my Food and Beverage ConsumptionThe questionnaire is designed to determine how far an individual likes or dislikes certain food and beverages. Essentially, various individuals like or hate a variety of food and beverages. However, their dislike or like the food and beverage varies based on the scales of preference of different individuals (Sheila, 2013). Personally, the questionnaire captured all my likes and likes. It covered all food staffs and beverages that I like and hate.

Consequently, I experienced difficulty in selecting the foods that I hate or like since some food and beverages serve an equally important purpose in my life. For instance, I like all kinds of bread. As such, it became difficult for me to choose the type that I like most. The questionnaire was specific in that it measured the degree to which one hates or likes a specified food or beverage. I like all types of bread but it became difficult to select the extent to which I liked the bread. Influence of Taste in Food ChoiceThe abstract taste perception plays a vital role in determining the kind of food to be taken by an individual.

Essentially, food preferences vary and dietary habits vary from individuals based on various aspects. The bitterness, sweetness, sourness, or salty tastes determines the type of food to be taken by an individual (Toquri, 2015). Additionally, traditional modalities on taste and preferences affect the type of food to be consumed by an individual. Simply put, the type of food that an individual was feed in their childhood days will influence their choice of food.

This taste is commonly referred to as the first taste. An individual grows with this traditional taste and it might affect their food choices in their olden days (Toquri, 2015). Evidently, an individual has a variety of cell receptors that help in determining the specific taste for them. In effect, I personally like sweet food and beverages. I cannot consume any bitter food staff despite its importance. This has been my trend since my childhood days. I do not take bitter food staff since I am used to sweet tastes only. Ways of Increasing Vegetable and Fruit ConsumptionsThe Australian Health Survey done between 2011 and 2012 indicated that there is a decrease in vegetable and fruit consumption among various individuals (Sheila, 2013).

In this regard, there is a need to devise ways in which the consumption of vegetables and fruits will increase. Meeting the set guidelines of daily fruit and vegetable consumption is a challenge to many individuals. This is mostly caused by the attitude of people on these types of food.

Consequently, I recommend that the Australian government enforce a quality diet to its citizens. This has to be done by carrying out awareness on the importance of fruit consumptions. Additionally, doctors have to recommend consumption of the daily fruit and vegetable serves recommended. Population Improvements that can Result from in Intake of Vegetable and Fruit ServesThe Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that there will be a population increase if individuals stick to the recommended vegetable and fruit serves per day (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014).

The recommended serves to ensure that an adult human being takes a total of 2 serves of fruit and 5 servers of vegetables a day. Essentially, taking the recommended serves will ensure healthy living. The number of deaths will drastically reduce since individuals will be living healthy. The rate of healthy childbirth will increase. The pregnant women will strictly follow the recommended services. The immune system of people will become stronger and chronic diseases that are diet-related will be eradicated. As a result, the population of individuals will drastically increase due to tom the healthy standards that will be provided (WHO, 2015).


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