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"Is Consumption of Coke Harmful" is a good example of a paper on food and nutrition. Exquisite adverts about coke have dominated the media in almost every nation around the world to a level that a child's first learned word could probably turn to ‘ coke' instead of dad or mom. The well-orchestrated adverts and commercials portray the beverage as a critical drink in one's life or rather being a regular consumer of the beverage make an individual appear cool and modern. The quest to establish the health effect of consuming the beverage has led to researchers publishing several articles elaborating their supported opinion on the detrimental effect of consuming coke.

A better understanding of the topic requires a critical analysis of several of the articles. It is also vital to consider evidence-supported opinions from both sides of the coin in order to draw dependable conclusions. Morris holds a negative attitude towards the consumption of coke. The stand regarding coke consumption is clear in an astonishing manner and a vital source towards understanding the detrimental effects of the ‘ venom'. The author scrutinizes the health problems caused by the consumption of large quantities of the beverage paying special attention to the weakening of bones and teeth decay.

The company ensures it gets medical endorsement from known medical institutions thus using this to convince the public that the consumption of the soft drink is approved by the health experts. Evidence of such a scenario is noticeable where the authors back up their information with an example of an email sent directly from the America College of Cardiology contains the logo of the company. Further evidence of such a scenario is presented whereby in the year 2010, the company came together with the National, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in creating awareness on women's heart issues.

Such a step deceives the public to the notion that the beverage is better for one's health.   Contrary to this, the consumption of the beverage leads to a series of complications due to toxicity involved in this case. Apart from Morris, Cardiologist Emily Wade has the opinion that excessive consumption of coke is harmful. Wade vividly describes the series of body changes that take place some minutes after intake of the drink all with the support of the opinion consumption of the beverage is harmful to one’ s health.

While people enjoy consuming large quantities of the beverage, Wade describes that taking a 500ml of coke is like taking ten teaspoons of sugar at a go which is excess of what is recommended per day. The reason one does not vomit is that the phosphoric acid, which is toxic in its self, neutralizes the flavor. The first ten minutes of such a huge amount of sugar results in the liver converting the excess sugar into fat stored in various parts of the body which in the end leads to diseases such as cardiovascular.   Wade explains that forty minutes after having the drink, absorption of caffeine is complete, dilating the pupils and increasing blood pressure while the liver releases more sugar to the bloodstream.

All this time, the changes taking place are hazardous to the optimal condition of the body which gives more reason to question the legitimacy of the company in its advertisement and endorsement. In addition to the preceded ideas by the writers, Imaizumi also shares his opinion backed up with data on the dangerous health issues associated with the consumption of coke.

Johnson considers people who drink coke in most cases to suffer from a deficiency of calcium, vitamin A, and magnesium. The phosphoric acid contained in sodas leads to the depletion of calcium and magnesium in the body. The two crucial nutrients have a major role to play in maintaining a potential defense mechanism of the body. Lack of a strong defense mechanism of the body makes one vulnerable to a bacterial infection which causes dangerous diseases.

Furthermore, the author talks about the high-fructose corn syrup contained in coke contrary to the theory that the beverage is a healthy drink. It has high levels of free radicals associated with tissue damage which, in the long run, leads to diabetes a situation faced by Uncle Ted. Also, the author goes further to analyze the dangerous intake of chemicals contained in the plastic bottles known as bisphenol A that slowly dissolves into the drink.   The chemical is associated with the depression of the immune system and that's why it advised young children should not have the drink.   Despite the noticeable increase in people with chronic diseases, little attention is being paid on the relation with an increased level of consumption around the world.

Cases of cancer affecting different parts of the body have been on the rise in recent times. Such statistics have pushed scientists to a great extent to try and determine the probable cause of this disaster. Analysis of the chemical components by Centre for Science making coke indicates that the chemicals by the names methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole caused cancer in animals.

Humans are no exception, and there is a high chance that continuous exposure to such chemicals can lead to cancer. The chemicals are added to give it the brown color. Further research indicates that only 16 micrograms per person per day is required to accumulate and be toxic enough to cause cancer. While there is a clear increase in the number of people with cases of tooth decay, little is being done to identify the effect of soda consumption.

Colgate manufacturing company also adds flesh to the opinion that the consumption of large quantities of coke is harmful. Heller from the company discovers through thorough research that Coke contains a lot of sugar that feeds bacteria in one's mouth. The increased population of bacteria in the mouth leads to increased production of acidic compounds that corrode the enamel leading to tooth decay forcing root canal or other methods f dealing with the affected tooth. Such a scenario in conjunction with failure to clean the teeth leads to cavities as the bacteria produce more acid that corrodes the enamel.

Furthermore, the issue of phosphoric acid that aids in corroding the enamel leading to cavities is mentioned in the article showing the intensity of the matter. Evidence to such a scenario can be seen by the increased number of tooth decay among teenagers who have the tendencies to consume coke more and fail to observe proper teeth cleaning procedures. Drinking does not only cause health problems but causes faster aging according to scientists. The scientist subjected the components making coke to various tests, and a rather shocking revelation was discovered.

The high levels of phosphoric acid in the coke lead to accelerated aging among those people who frequently consume the beverage. The heart, kidney, and liver diseases caused by the consumption of coke also compromise proper body functioning capabilities thus aging becomes unavoidable. The phosphoric acid in the coke leads to a reduction in muscle mass which is the main factor in the formation of wrinkles on specific parts of the body. Although the theory of refreshment and energy is popular, it doesn’ t explain well how this happens and the ill effects in the long run.

Further experimental research by the American Medical Association indicates that the excessive amount of phosphates found in coke reduced the lifespan of lab rats by five weeks. Such a scenario is alarming considering the fact that manufacturers have been increasing the level of phosphate compounds in soft drinks. Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate the average lifespan of a human being is being reduced with time with the case being attributed to the feeding habits.

Consumption of coke leads to a variety of complications considering the beverage contains added caffeine that in the long run may cause complications such as high blood pressure and coronary diseases. Massive consumption of the drink is unhealthy a fact ignored by the majority who like looking at one side of the coin.


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