Kids Eat Healthy – Food&Nutrition Example

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"Kids Eat Healthy" is a wonderful example of a paper on food and nutrition. I was lucky to have the opportunity of visiting a kindergarten class with students between five and six years old in an elementary school. I observed the class thrice and my whole experience was beyond my expectations. Prior to my visitation, I expected to see a regular classroom for children— with tables, chairs, some crayons, and other materials for class activities, books, and a blackboard for discussion. I was surprised; perhaps, amazed was the more appropriate word to describe it, to see the modern equipment the class has.

They have an active board instead of the traditional writing board that we had years back when I was in elementary. Having an active board in a kindergarten class was, in my opinion, a lot better because it was more interactive than the conventional writing board, and lively when it comes to presenting the lessons. The teacher was also very knowledgeable about the subjects appropriate for children, and she knew very well how to manage children. The students, the children, seemed to be very enthusiastic and interested in their discussion, perhaps because of the active board and the different visuals that the teacher used during the class.

Overall, my experience exceeded my expectations.                       In terms of creating an impact on the kindergarten students whom I observed, I believe I was able to do so by sharing with them the importance of eating healthy and my personal experience when I was a child. I told them once about my experience in Ethiopia when I was a student. I shared with them how students in my home country are deprived of nutritious and delicious food, and how lucky they are to have abundant resources.

I was happy to see them listening to my stories and I believe they understood what I was trying to impart to them. Likewise, the students had an impact on me. I saw how happy they were running around and actively participating in every activity they had in class. It made me further realize how important children are in society and that I, as a future pharmacist, should do my very best to help in promoting good health for these children.                       My experience with these children indeed changed my perspective of my own eating habits.

During my visit, I often told the students about being healthy and eating healthy. I somehow realized that I, myself, am not eating healthy, specifically during very busy days when I just eat whatever I could grab from the nearest store. From now on, I will try to prepare my own food. I will try to spend time buying and preparing healthy food because health is very important.                       Certainly, this experience was valuable for me because not only that I enjoyed being around children I also learned a lot from them.

I had fun observing the kindergarten students and telling them stories about the children in my country. At the same time, I learned so many things from these children. They taught me to enjoy life a little bit more by relaxing and having a good laugh with people I love. Just by observing and listening to them, they taught me to be healthier in my choice of food.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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