To Adopt Turkey Fat in the All-beef Wieners of Not – Food&Nutrition Example

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"To Adopt Turkey Fat in the All-beef Wieners of Not" is a perfect example of a paper on food and nutrition. There are a number of issues that Chip is facing as it tries to increase its production and sales. As evidenced in the case study, the major issue worth addressing is consumer’ s misconception about the consumption of Turkey. As indicated above, most individuals do not consider Turkey as an unwholesome source of protein.   This misconception has become a challenge to market the company’ s products. The large institution that aims at satisfying consumers’ tastes has equally adopted this fallacy and now insists that processes meat be free from Turkey ingredients.   This means that including turkey fat in Chip’ s products would be a cross-violation of consumers’ taste.

Going ahead to incorporate Turkey in its products would amount to business bluffing, which is unethical. As much as the act may not be illegal, and as such consumers may not tell the difference between turkey fat and pork or beef fat, it should be noted that upon discovery, consumers would not trust Chip’ s products. There is a need to content that for businesses to thrive well, there must exist a great deal of trust between business people and businesses.

Therefore, a lot of damage would occur if the relationship between Chip and its customers is governed by suspicion. Secrecy and trust are important in any business. Therefore, it is prudent for Chip to look at the long-term impact of its move to knowingly sell its products against the wish of the State of Minnesota. However, what is worth contenting is the fact Turkey's meat has been approved by a most health professionals who have indicated that it is nutritionally richer than pork or beef.   Advisably Chip should not use turkey fat in the all-beef wieners until when it has created awareness among the consumers concerning the nutritional benefit of Turkey meat.

  This can only be realized by partnering with other organizations, and through the consent of health professionals launch a campaign that targets creating awareness among the consumers about the nutritional value of Turkey.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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