When the Diet Meets Delicious – Food&Nutrition Example

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"When the Diet Meets Delicious" is a good example of the paper on food and nutrition.   Whether you are working out or trying to fix your health, there are a few things that don’ t go hand in hand with junk food rather than healthy food in the  urban  of the 21st century; deliciousness and the so-called diet value. It is hard to find the right  type of food, the right type of taste, and the right type of diet. What you get is highly processed food that has been squelched  of its healthy ingredients.

This has been explained in “ When Diet Meets Delicious” (Bittman) with respect to getting healthy diets  and yet being able to have delicious food. The problem in question is, where and what to get that delicious dinner which is healthy in the real sense and does not give you diseases in the name of filling up calories. Contemporary diet gives you a dilemma - is  the technology of the information age being used to assure healthier food or is it simply being used to feed the maximum amount of population with made up tastes?

The not-my-problem approach is something out of question for most of the urban dwellers for  this issue. It keeps getting as epidemic as much money it could save for those ‘ food industries’ . The best workaround for those who don’ t live in a remote agricultural village is to carefully choose what they eat (Bittman). The deliciousness can be attained in  even the simplest form of natural foods if one decides the right combination; it can be fish dressed with olives or eggs, rice, and vegetables (Bittman).   If to take a stance on the facts debated in the article, the obvious choice would be to be on one’ s own side.

Which choice would that be, is what has a misplaced sense of  judgment  in many. To opine on the issue, eating healthy food is assured by eating natural food but clean food that you probably cooked yourself like the writer states. Reading on the subject matter without having dinner makes one feel hungry for the natural food; fish and vegetables alike, to be obtuse - but in actual, it makes the point clear: are we wasting the energy on processing taking out the ingredients we actually need from our food?

The question draws the red line. To make the point clearer and being more self-oriented in deciding, put it in a simple analysis of having to eat whole food with fish and self-cooked meat being as fulfilling as the burger being sold next door at that  famous franchise. The burger might seem more delicious, but you could have a better dinner - or even a burger - with a more tasty combination of delicious, yet healthy, filling.   To conclude on the source article and the stance taken, it would be appropriate to say that whole food or natural food (animals from the wild or unprocessed, self-cooked vegetables) can latch in much deliciousness for you as the processed one, with more chances of not getting yourself killed by a heart attack = to be a bit melodramatic = in your fifties.  


Bittman, Mark (February 26, 2013). When Diet Meets Delicious. The New York Times. Web.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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