Biomedical Engineering News – Genetics Research Example

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"Biomedical Engineering News"' is a good example of genetics research. There is a hope of restoring damaged tissue cells, through a process that is safer and durable. The Biomedical engineers at the John Hopkins hospital are in the advanced stage of testing this method, which is being piloted on rats and humans (sciences Organization, n.p. ). Biomedical engineers have developed a liquid material that is made up of biological and synthetic molecules that are injected under the skin, which are then set using light, to give a solid structure. According to these Biomedical Engineers, this synthetic liquid material is efficient, such that it can help restore the damaged face of a soldier who has been involved in injury within a day (sciences Organization, n.p. ).

Nevertheless, the researchers have warned that the material is still under the test stage. Therefore, even though it is promising, it is not yet ready to be used for clinical purposes. The advantage of this composite material is that it combines the advantage of biological tissues and the synthetic ones, in that, it mimics the texture of the soft tissues of biological materials, while at the same time possessing the synthetic qualities of tissues, which have more durability, meaning that they take more time to be destroyed by the body, as opposed to the biological tissues (sciences Organization, n.p. ).

The composite is particularly promising for application to the people with facial deformities, who are more vulnerable to social psychological and social distress, considering that they are easily prejudiced by the rest of the society. In different news, the application of software in the field of Biomedical engineering is yet another advancement that has enabled the researchers and the engineers to work faster and better, thus developing medical components and processes that have seen the process of treating diseases and curbing human infections become more efficient (Art, n.p. ).

The computing power has increased over the decades, making the cost of synthesizing and decoding DNA less, compared to the traditional cost (Art, n.p. ). There has been advancement in computerized Biomedical engineering, where the Biomedical engineers are working on the process of creating genetically engineered bacteria, which can help in the detection of a range of toxic components that cause illnesses and infections in the human body, and work towards fighting them before they cause any infections.

The process of finding the correct DNA sequence has traditionally proved to be very slow and prone to errors. However, Biomedical engineers have come up with computer software that is capable of guiding the DNA threading process, thus increasing the pace for the development of synthetic DNA, while at the same time eliminating the traditional mistakes that have characterized the DNA formation and sequencing process (Art, n.p. ).

The BU Biomedical engineers have developed a software application named Clotho, which is capable of performing interconnected tasks. The application has been developed similarly to the iPhone software platform, which allows for the application of a variety of tools performing specific tasks, yet they are all interconnected to generate core functionality (Art, n.p. ). With such key developments, BU is set to become the ultimate synthetic biology powerhouse, owing to the recent breakthroughs, developments, and advancements in the field of Biomedical engineering and synthetic biology (Art, n.p. ).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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