A Medical Assistant in Georgia – Health System Example

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"A Medical Assistant in Georgia"  is an engrossing example of a paper on the health system. A medical assistant in Georgia performs tasks in a clinical setting where they a responsible for recording patient records, getting patients ready for examinations and providing general assistance to the doctors during examinations and theatre operations (Woods  & Kinn, 2008). One of the major roles of the medical assistant is to talk to the patients through their procedures as well as provide them with the reassurance of the process. in addition, you might be called to performs other tasks such as retrieving laboratory specimens, call in pharmacy orders, handling the sterilization process for medical equipment and instruments, removing surgical sutures, drawing a patient’ s blood, and administering EKG’ s (Woods  & Kinn, 2008).                       My personality will, therefore, play a very vital role in determining my success in this career.

I also possess different skills that will help me thrive as a medical assistant.   I have good communication skills as I practice active listening without interruption and pay attention to detail so as to obtain information that might be helpful.

I also have a good command in spoken English so I can easily interact with the patients. I am also empathetic in nature since I am deeply concerned with the sorrows, joys and the experiences that the patients share. This will make the patients feel at ease during the appointment. I am also a dependable person who can be depended on to do the job as I am time conscious and understand the job protocols.                       Another strong skill I hold that will help me thrive in this career is having the ability to work under stressful environments and handle all patients effectively.

This, therefore, requires me to exercise a lot of self-control and courtesy while handling patients. Additionally, my integrity will play a vital role in my career as a medical assistant as the patients disclose some of their personal and confidential personal health information and I have to handle it with a lot of integrity.                       In accordance with The Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, I hold the INFJ personality type being the counselor. This because I have a strong dedication and drive to help others realize their potential as well as helping them get solutions to their personal challenges.

Being a counselor, I am able to read people and determine their feeling and emotions while communicating. My personal values also help me maintain this personality since they are idealistic and I possess a personal drive that helps me look to achieve greater.                       People describe me as a quiet, caring, sensitive and understanding individual that as values that will help me thrive as a medical assistant. I am never afraid of handling personal problems that seem to be complex, as I feel motivated after helping others overcome their personal issues with success.

I also love reading widely as I sharpen my skills, get more knowledge, and help me grow in this career. In summary, I would describe my personality traits as gentle, reserved, sincere, sympathetic, unassuming, submissive, easygoing and patient. Briggs Myers describes individuals with this personality as friendly people who can understand how to deal with ethical issues and with troubled individuals.                       According to the U. S. Bureau of labor, it is one of the fastest-growing careers where work hours are usually Monday through Friday, although most clinics extend to weekends and work during the evening hours (French & Fordney, 2012).

The average hourly wage rate for medical assistants in the US is $14.69. For one to become a medical assistant in Georgia State, they are required to have earned a high school diploma (French & Fordney, 2012). Further certification is however not a requirement to work as a medical assistant. The learning tasks and responsibilities on the job are sufficient to sharpen an individual’ s skills.

However, most employers, especially in the private sector, tend to only hire licensed and trained practitioners as medical assistants (Follis & Fordney, 2004).                       To gain admission to programs offering medical assistant classes in a technical school, an individual is required to possess a GED certificate (Woods  & Kinn, 2008). Colleges and universities, however, require a full comprehension in reading as well as math proficiency. Applicants are required to take tests prior to admission. Additionally, the applicants have to undergo, full medical workup, screening, and immunization (Follis & Fordney, 2004).                       Georgia has a high number of medical assistants thus one is required to be competent enough to be relevant in the career (French & Fordney, 2012).

Therefore gaining more certifications and earning more opportunities increases one's chance for career growth. One of the most popular certifications is through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) which is internationally recognized (Woods  & Kinn, 2008). There are also many opportunities for growth, promotions, and advancements in Georgia which are earned through additional training and wider experience.                       Having to combine my school work and working as a medical assistant would be stressful both financially and emotionally; therefore I have come up with a flexible and effective budget that will help me manage both of them.

As a result, I have developed a monthly budget of $2000 as follows; rent 840 Car insurance 200 Gas 120 Food 150 Other utilities 690                       To eliminate some of the financial stress, I have decided to cut on some costs. I have had to cut on the travel costs to the minimum possible spending. For instance, I have decided to use public transport to and from work.

I have also come up with weekly spending limits I have set for myself. Additionally, I have also opted for a cheaper insurance cover to minimize costs. I have also restricted myself to only using credit cards for emergency purposes, this will help me live on the specified budget and avoid overspending.                       In order to clearly understand what it will take me to thrive in my career as a medical assistant, I have contacted an uncle who is a medical practitioner in Georgia. He will help me develop more interest in the field as well as understand the requirements I must have attained before entry into the field.

I have set a number of informative questions that I will ask him during the interview which include; What are the main roles of a medical assistant? What are the ideal characteristics of a medical assistant? The skills required for me to become competent enough? Describe the work environment and the nature of work of a medical assistant Which opportunities are available for training and education in this field? What legalities are there related to this field?


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