Addressing Mary Jones Failing Health – Health System Example

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"Addressing Mary Jones Failing Health" is a brilliant example of a paper on the health system. As the manager faces a situation, I would examine and give the way forward in light of the principles of employee management in a health facility. This will favor the patient, employees, and my job too as the manager. Discrimination against age is not allowed and I would encourage. Mary should work until she voluntarily retire from work this will give her the opportunity to work so that she does not pass on in the next one as a result of forceful expulsion from work.

During this period Mary will have to work closer with middle-aged personnel to avoid simple mistakes made as a result of failing to read the armband (Armstrong, 2007). In addition as the manager, I will ensure that I supervised her and encourage continuing working for the sake of her life. The elderly should be taken care of just like young children who are growing up in this case she is growing older.                       Concerning the safety of the patient which is the major problem and to avoid doubling the problem, Mary should be removed from the children section and taken to the elderly people who are her age mate.

Dealing and handling patients of similar age will motivate Mary as compared to young children. Even in this section, she will have to work under the close supervision of the middle-aged personnel and given light duties to attend to (Bluhm, 2003). The task should not be strenuous bearing in mind that she is also suffering from hypertension. In addition, Mary will be given enough time to relax and eat a proper diet for the sake of her life. Every employee has the right which must be respected by the management.

On the visionary impairment, Mary must go for eye treatment and vision impairment check-up. The result will determine whether to be given spectacle or work without in this case I would suggest having a spectacle to aid her vision to avoid making mistake. Setting stress free environment for the hypertension person will motivate her better than any other thing in the workplace. I will also ensure that Mary works as directed by the physician to avoid future complexion that may arise as a result of negligence.

She has the right to a good life as she works in the department. Good relation with other employee is also considered important (Koongstvedt, 2001). On the overall management responsibilities, the stipulated rules and regulations will help to handle this matter coupled with ethical consideration of life. Ethics of the workplace enables me to isolates Mary as a special case and deal with her separately. Love and affection will also be accorded to her.

The rights of the employees to duty should not be denied. In this case, Mary will not stop coming for her duty if she likes but on the matter of ill health, she will be relieved. But if working offers a curative measure to her sickness then she should come to work and participate in a few activities before she retires. To sustain her life and the obligation of duty, Mary should come to work continuously and have pleasure and motivation. In conclusion, I give will health issues the first priority as compared to work in this case.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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