All Healing Hospital Marketing Strategy Using the VALS Lifestyle Analysis – Health System Example

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"All Healing Hospital Marketing Strategy Using the VALS Lifestyle Analysis" is a well-written example of a paper on the health system. The need for health facilities and services has increased over the years as the population around the country has continued to rise and Whitefish Montana is no different. One of the much-needed services in the health sector includes the mammogram which is one of the more expensive tests performed in hospitals and thus not easily available to all who may require it. All Healing Hospital is a new health facility aiming at providing the residents of Whitefish Montana with mobile mammogram services aimed at reaching the less privileged individuals of the community.

However, to determine the level of success for an intended project, it is essential for one to study the market in which this service is being introduced so as to evaluate the level of acceptance with which it will be met (Robson, 2009). Whitefish Montana is mostly made up of middle-class citizens who though may not be entirely struggling to make ends meet, are having problems trying to cope with the more costly expenses that they were once able to save up for due to the diminishing health of the economy over the past few years.

A large number of citizens in the United States have cut back on a number of costs that they deem as luxuries and even more important needs such as expensive health tests e. g. mammograms. Many of these residents are widely focused on providing the primary needs for their families i. e. food, shelter, and clothing and they have either drastically reduced or completely cut out altogether any extra expenses that were previously incurred (Robson, 2009). However, a majority of them still recognize the importance of health examinations such as mammograms and would appreciate the introduction of more accessible facilities that they are able to turn to at a cheaper cost.

This though largely depends on the quality of the services offered as many would rather not go at all if they believe that they are below par. A small group of the whitefish residents determine the quality of the service through its pricing and would not go if the cost is too low as they believe that something must be wrong for such a service to be so affordable (Robson, 2009).

This constitutes a small percentage of the Whitefish residents however and most are actually attracted by the more affordable pricing of the services. Using the VALS lifestyle analysis, it can be said that the Whitefish Montana region mainly consists of Experiencers and Makers while a small group falls into the Achievers and Strivers category. The former group is made up of more action-oriented individuals and the idea of mobile health service will likely appeal to them especially if the services provided are more affordable than the previous options they were provided with.

Though a small number are more concerned with what people will think if they go after free services, the percentage is insignificant enough to be ignored and thus will not have an influence on the overall success of the project. All in all, the All Healing Hospital mobile mammogram service will be a welcome addition to the community of Whitefish Montana and stands to be a potential success in this part of the region.


Robson, B, Baek, OK. (2009). The Engines of Hippocrates: From the Dawn of Medicine to Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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