Bendix Family Physicians – Health System Example

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"Bendix Family Physicians" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system.   What is the purpose of Bendix’ sBoard and why is a Board important? Bendix needs strong and purposeful leadership in order to be able to succeed as a non-profit organization. Therefore, the purpose of its board is to ensure that its operations are well planned and organized. The major importance of the board is to ensure that what makes up Bendix is well directed. These include; operational services, financial issues, employment issues, and management issues (Bendix, 2012, 1). Who should be represented on Bendix’ s Board and why are Board characteristics vital to the success of the organization? The quality of the board is indeed a crucial determinant of the success of Bendix because it acts as the head of the whole organization.

Without the board, the organization might experience all sorts of confusion and action without direction. Some of the characteristics that should be exhibited by the board include outstanding leadership and communication skills, qualified experience in the management of health institutions, and innovation qualities. These characteristics are extremely vital to the organization since they determine the outcome of the services being offered by the organization. What immediate action must the Board take in response to a recent event (1 month ago) and what must be considered when making this decision? Despite the close control of uncertainties by the board, Bendix still faces challenges like any other organization.

In response to a recent event, the board will first make the event known to all the concerned persons. It will then seek the suggestions of other individuals in the organization. In addition, before making any of the decisions, the board will have to consider the future implications, and the possible remedies. According to the bylaws, Bendix has standing committees.

Should Bendix consider forming an ad-hoc committee in response to the situation described above? If so, what would be the name of the committee, and what would be the charter/purpose of this ad-hoc committee? Indeed, Bendix should consider forming an ad-hoc committee that will discuss the decisions to be made in the above situation. This committee will consist of fewer people, as opposed to the whole board. This will ensure efficiency in decision-making and will also limit the amount of time used to solve the situation.

The ad-hoc should be named Bendix Committee in order to distinguish it from the rest of the board. What role does the Board play in the FQHC designation application? Consider what needs to be done and explain their role for each. In the FQHC Designation Application, the board will need to plan a way in which it will handle and achieve the requirements. The board will need to examine the purchase agreements, obtain qualified professionals to perform independent financial audits, and establish an organized manner to carry out all its operations (Bendix, 2012, 1). What role did each stakeholder involved with Bendix contribute to the collection of the local, state, and national information obtained, described above? In order to obtain the state and national information was given by Bendix, the board of the organization had to put up interviews and issue questionnaires.

Each and every stakeholder gave their own opinions and views and later, the board composed the whole information to obtain the principal facts and in the findings. What opportunities for improvement (OFI) can you identify, after a review of the boundary scanning results? Bendix Family Physicians have an exceptionally wide potential for improvement since, according to a report given, the organization still leaves some areas not served due to the large population.

The organization is only able to serve half of the total population in a certain area. Therefore, the organization will have an opportunity for improvement in this case if it decides to double its services in order to reach all people. How does this information interact with the strategic planning process? This information assists in ensuring that the strategic planning process has included expansion and improvement as one of the key goals to be achieved by the organization. Does this information influence decisions centered on service expansion, capacity building, or personnel restructuring, if so in what way? The information also influences the form of expansion undertaken by the organization because the organization will ensure that it expands in accordance with the services that are limited (Bendix, 2012, 1). How do you anticipate the new Executive Director will enhance accountability at all levels?

Board, leadership, physician, staff? Along those same lines, how will the Ex? Dir. align organizational goals with staff goals (at the entry-level)? With new improved developments in the organization, different operational procedures will also have to be used in order to ensure that all-around improvement is achieved. Therefore, the new Executive Director will have to implement rules and regulations at all levels in order to enhance accountability. All staff and physicians might also be required to agree to a standard code of conduct in their work.

On the other hand, the Ex-Director will have to align the organization’ s objectives with the staff objectives in order to ensure that both work towards similar objectives. What data should each stakeholder receive and how, as is it relates to goals and successes? What venue will be used to communicate this information and how frequently, for each stakeholder (Board, physician, staff, community, patients). With the organization having a large number of stakeholders and investors, it should ensure that all are furnished with the required data and information. Such include the amounts of their holdings, the accruing revenues, and the ways in which their holdings have been utilized.

The organization should choose a commonplace to present the information in order to ensure that each and every person obtain similar information. This could be done annually when the books are balanced and closed. It’ s important to make sure data is accessible, protected complete, and accurate. Explain how data can easily be inaccurate and ways to remedy it. Since the organization deals with a large number of people, it is possible to obtain inaccurate and wrong information.

Inaccurate information can also be communicated through the use of inaccurate technology. How does one sustain and “ continue” to improve outcomes, while at the same time engaging staff? The staff should be well trained to ensure that the quality of work that they produce is high.   How would you rate staff morale at the present time? What functions must the Ex? Dir. consider as she creates a culture that delights both the customer and physicians/staff? However, the staff morality is currently relaxed due to the new culture implemented by the Ex. Director. She should consider the fact that the major focus of the organization is the customers, and hence, the staff should not be more favored at the expense of the provided services (Bendix, 2012, 1). What would be five action steps should the Board recommend the Ex.

Dir. take to turn this culture around? In order to change this culture, the board should first recommend staff training and development. Secondly, the staff could also be asked to give their opinions. New ways of carrying out procedures should also be used to ensure that the old culture has been fully erased.

The fifth and final step is to incorporate new services for customers and ensure good relations among them and the staff.


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