Beneficiaries of Medicare Left Confused by Exchanges – Health System Example

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"Beneficiaries of Medicare Left Confused by Exchanges" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. Pear authored the article, ‘ Beneficiaries of Medicare left confused by exchanges, ’ which The New York Times on October 14, 2013. The article relates to Medicare and identifies confusion, as beneficiaries are likely to apply for covers that duplicate Medicare policies. The author also reports the government’ s move towards increased funding for private Medicare policies and drive for expanded coverage. Similarities between the private Medicare policies and private insurance policies are the cause of confusion.

Health insurance, as observed in the Medicare policies, are important in helping people to meet care cost but the involved confusion is likely to lead to unnecessary cover purchase and legal implications on insurers (Pear 1).         Article related to Medicaid Gabriel’ s article, ‘ Medicaid expansion is set for Ohioans, ’ reports on attempts by the Ohio governor to expand Medicaid coverage to those who are currently not eligible. The state policies seek to increase cover, instead of implementation of the affordable care act that the government argues is not comprehensive.

There has however been opposition from even the governor’ s party. Expansion of the Medicaid cover, which is a legal role of state government, is likely to expand cover but may increase state tax as the federal government may decline to fund it (Gabriel 1). Article related to the policy process Slack explains the main stages of the policy process and the essentials for success. The process must define the problem and involved stakeholders and their stakes such as the person who identifies the problem and interest or potential interest of authorities. Development of goals and alternatives for policy implementation, implementation of the proposed policy, and monitoring and evaluation then follows.

The existence of the need for policy process in policy development ensures proposal, implementation, and sustainability of policies because of its ability to establish the significance of a policy at its presentation, approval, and implementation stage. The process may however not be effective in solving emergencies (Slack 1).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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