Changing of the Healthcare Environment – Health System Example

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"Changing of the Healthcare Environment" is an outstanding example of a paper on the health system. Research asserts that the health care environment is rapidly changing (Patient-Provider Communication, 2012). Therefore, health care professionals should enhance their communication skills to be able to cope with these changes. Nowadays, there are several professional role expectations concerning communication issues and opportunities that affect individuals in the health care arena. It is clear that there are several changes that occur in the business environment in regard to communication factors. This paper will discuss the professional role expectations in today’ s health care environment.                       Health care companies should have proper strategies in order to cope with the competitive environment.

They have to adopt several technological changes from time to time. The technological environment is considered a macro-environmental factor in the business world. One of the most common aspects of technological advancement that has attributed to change in communication is the social network systems (Patient-Provider Communication, 2012). The most common social networks in the contemporary world include Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace among others.                       The changing environment affects employers and the public significantly.

Recently, the delivery processes involved in health care systems involve patient handoffs and several interfaces. This has significantly enhanced the health of most patients. Furthermore, there are several issues and opportunities that arise from the public expectations. In most cases, the public expects medical care professionals to enhance their communication skills. In case, they do not adhere to such regulations the public significantly suffers since; they are not able to get proper medical attention. In addition, this has led to improvement in the technological sector in order to ensure proper communication skills.

Research asserts that individuals are able to manipulate their communication patterns so as to become better communicators. As a matter of fact, a lack of effective communication among health care professionals poses a considerable danger to the patients. Most health care centers have equipped their staff with professional communication skills to reduce medical errors (Patient-Provider Communication, 2012). In conclusion, networking has a significant role to play in the health care systems. Through networking, health care professionals can communicate over a long distance. This has significantly improved the health care facilities in health care institutions that have endorsed the networking concept.

Moreover, professionals can involve business networking systems in their organization to conduct business on a larger scale (Patient-Provider Communication, 2012).  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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