Current Health Promotion Pamphlet – Health System Example

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"Current Health Promotion Pamphlet" is a great example of a paper on the health system. The pamphlet selected for the discussion is the ‘ San Francisco Wellness Initiative’ for High School students devised and published by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Layout Appeal The pamphlet has an attractive layout using attractive color contrast and design. It has been designed keeping in mind the audience to whom it has been addressed. Content and Quality The pamphlet gives background information and reasons for its creation. The pamphlet promises to address not only the health issues of the high school students that they usually face in their daily life but also provides help in the matters such as depression, bullying, trauma, domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, and many more. Reading Level The information has been expressed in a simple and straight language that is easy for students to comprehend and that is a plus point of the pamphlet. Clarity The pamphlet is clear in disseminating the information giving names of the schools where the department is providing such services in the San Francisco area.

It has listed all the health issues including anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity, diabetes, nutrition, and many more for which help is extended.

The help is also provided in the issues related to pregnancy prevention, reproductive health, healthy relationships, sexual orientation, etc. Thus, the pamphlet has clarity so far about the target audience and the services provided by them are concerned. Examples of Health Promotion in the Pamphlet The pamphlet describes the center's community health workers and behavioral counselors – and about some of the students that how they were benefitted from this program. The pamphlet also mentions the general opinion of the students and their feeling toward this wellness program.

The pamphlet also explains to students that their counselors are always eager to come down in their own safe place where they can speak to them in their own privacy. Usefulness The pamphlet is useful to the students in knowing about the various health and other services that they might get from the wellness center so easily. Most of the students come across several challenges in their life and they find difficulty in coping up with them.

They essentially need help and guidance from a safe and reliable source and this wellness center is geared to fulfill their needs. Cultural Sensitivity and Competence The Wellness Center takes care of 7,000 San Francisco Unified School District high school students undergoing their study at 15 schools. It is obvious that students from different origin and ethnicity studies in these schools and the wellness center take care of all of them regardless of their background, gender, or any other specifics. Counselors and health workers are fully trained and competent enough to take care of students' needs.

As described by Angelina Romano, Wellness Coordinator of San Francisco International High School that her school is comprised of immigrant youth who are from different cultural backgrounds, and every one of them is catered to their needs by this wellness center. Helpful Hints or Tips for Self-Care Management The pamphlet begins with the phrase “ Because healthy students succeed” and that every sentence gives hint to the students that the purpose of the wellness center is to help them maintain good mental and physical health. Other than this pamphlet does not give any other hint for self-care management. Appropriate Literacy Level for Target Audience The pamphlet is addressed to the High School students and the matter has been described keeping in mind their literacy levels so as to have easy comprehension meeting the objectives of the pamphlet.          


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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