Discharge Plan for Older Adults – Health System Example

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"Discharge Plan for Older Adults" is a great example of a paper on the health system. Identify at least three healthcare issues that you, as the case manager, must address when working with an interdisciplinary team to determine the most appropriate discharge plan for Mr. Trosack. Family support: Peter and his wife Rita who usually work for sixty hours a week should look forward to working fewer hours than those in order to support their father.   In that case, this would help to determine the discharge plan where the doctors would be sure that Mr.

Trosack would be taken care of his movement would be minimized hence quick recovery with less pain. Secondly, change of diet: due to the various diseases; hip replacement, hypertension, diabetes that Mr. Trosack has been diagnosed with, the prescribed diet should be followed to the latter. Thirdly, relationship: this is a major health care issue that is appropriate for the management of elderly people. Explain why these are important issues when planning for the management of the elderly discharge patient. Family support is an essential health care issue for the management of the elderly discharge.

This is because in such case when Peter and his wife Rita spent their whole hours while working, they never had time to spend with their father. This meant that Mr. Trosack used to perform most of the house chores. For the discharge management plan to be appropriate, the family support health care issue should be made upright. On the other hand, a discharge management plan would be successful if the prescribed diet to the patient is well adhered to. For instance, Lopressor 25 mg bid for the hypertension condition and the Glucophage 500 mg twice a day for the diabetes condition (Reifman, 2007).

This is an important health care issue that could be considered for an appropriate discharge for Mr. Trosack. Thirdly, the relationship between Mr. Trosack and his son, peter should also be looked at to ensure care for the elderly. Mr. Trosack seems to undergo depression due to his weak relationship with his son who does not practice his religion. Additionally, his rare communication with Peter also contributed to hypertension In that essence, it is important to strengthen the relationship with the man in order to create peace for a quick recovery.       Describe the role expected of each person on the team. Rita, peter’ s wife is an important person in making up of the interdisciplinary team who can help in determining the appropriate placement of Mr.

Trosack. This is because, since Mr. Trosack was a widower, he would rest from undertaking house chores such as cooking.   Additionally, the couple lives just near the bakery where it is possible for them to assist their father in many of the activities.

On the other hand, Peter is a working man. In that case, he would help in the purchasing of the prescribed diet for his father. In that essence, pita would play a great role in the discharge placement of Mr. Trosack. Thirdly, the doctor is the other important party who would undertake a great role in the making up of the interdisciplinary team for the most appropriate discharge for Mr. Trosack (Reifman, 2007).       Analyze the issues from the safety assessment that could affect the determination of discharge placement. The kitchen is small but clean, and there is room to maneuver with the walker The size of the kitchen and the arrangement would highly affect the discharge placement of the patient.

For instance, if the kitchen is small such that the arrangement is discouraging the maneuver of the walker, this would affect the discharge placement negatively. On the other case, the kitchen size is small but well-arranged hence there is room for the walker to maneuver. This affects the patient discharge placement positively. the stove controls that are in the front make it easy for him   to reach Due to the various house chores undertaken by Mr.

Trosack, the placement of the stove controls is at the appropriate place where he can be able to reach them. This eases his work of the movement. This affects the discharge placement determination positively. Discuss the ability of the family to adequately care for Mr. Trosack if he is discharged home. The family relationship with Mr. Trosack is not sufficient for the patient to be discharged home. If Mr. Trosack is discharge home, it would be a stressful situation for him.

Peter and his wife, Rita works for sixty hours a week. In that case, it would not provide adequate time to take care of the man. Additionally, Mr. Trosack is a widower hence he is unable to take care of himself. On the other hand, he could not withstand seeing his son deviating from his childhood religion which led to his depression. In that case, such family situations prove that it has no capability to take care of their father if discharged home. Discuss how social isolation affects an older adult’ s recovery from surgery or illness. Social isolation has been a topic of discussion as a major problem among older adult’ s health in the communities.

This can be defined as a situation where the old adults have lacked the engagement and the sense of belonging in the community. In that case, when older adults are exposed to an isolated environment, their recovery would be curbed by various issues such as depression which would tend to increase the pain.   Order adults who are burdened with relationships that provide negative health tend to under long recovery period than those who are taken care of (Reifman, 2007). Discuss the ways psychological factors play a role in the recovery process.

Recovery is a multifaceted familiarity that can be understood in various terms such as outcomes, process, and construct.   Various psychological factors such as stress and the challenging experience are tough while dealing with recovery issues.   These factors have a tremendous effect on individuals’ recovery. Firstly, pain management is strongly correlated with both emotional and psychological factors. They affect the patients’ attitude towards pain at distinct times (Kulik & Mahler, 2000).   In that case, these factors would determine the possibility of one's recovery from an injury or illness.

They may develop other physical illness which may result in a great impact on the patient’ s life. Psychological factors such as optimism, self-esteem, depression are associated with recovery and health-related behaviors (Gwee,   Leong, Graham, McKendrick, Collins, Walters,   & Read, 2005). Recommend a discharge placement for Mr. Trosack with supportive documentation       Mr. Trosack should be taken to the rehabilitation center after his discharge.

Within this center, there are various workers who are able to provide care for the patients. Additionally, he would be far from his son where he could not be able to think of any about his religious issues. The movement in this area would be minimal hence quick recovery. On the other hand, the common house chores would be undertaken on his behalf hence less mind distraction. This would result in a quick recovery from his injury and illnesses.


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