Does Shift Work Contribute to the Stress of Working as a Paramedic in Adelaide – Health System Example

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"Does Shift Work Contribute to the Stress of Working as a Paramedic in Adelaide? " is a good example of a paper on the health system. Paragraph 1 will discuss the introduction to the research topic where the main theme will be a literature review concerning paramedics and health workers in general working on shift hours, the stress they get, and the impact of that stress. The literature review will first generalize the impact of stress on all health care workers and then move specifically to paramedics not only in Australia (because there is little literature specifically about Australia) and then finally address Adelaide.

This section will also be used to introduce important information about Adelaide paramedics including a little background information about them and about what will be discussed in detail in the other sections of the paper. Paragraph 2 will discuss the methods that will be used to collect the information regarding the topic and the justification of those methods. It is also in this paragraph that sampling techniques and sample size will be mentioned and how the sample size is distributed.

Reasons for the sample size or how the sample size was decided will be briefly explained. Paragraph 3 will discuss the results of the research findings after collection and analysis of the data. Various data analysis methods will be used to justify the results. It will also encompass the limitations of the research; the conclusions drawn from the results analyzed and even the recommendations. It is also in this paragraph that the relevance of this research and its significance will be briefly mentioned. Therefore, what remains unresolved is:   What is the extent of the stress experienced by paramedics working on shifts? Indicate which theory / theoretical frame/concept you will include:   At this stage, I will be using the social support theory. This theory is relevant to my topic because it will highlight from the findings:   This theory is relevant because it is a stress theory which will highlight from my findings how the stress experienced by paramedics while working on shifts is majorly brought about by lack of social support of their work schedule and shift hours by various social support system starting from their employer organization. Author Date Aim of study Sample Methods Key Findings & theories used to interpret findings Limitations Relevance / significance Sofianopoulos, S., Williams, B., Archer, F.

and Thompson, B. 2011 To explore the physical fatigue, sleep, and depression among paramedics 60 paramedics (both male and female) Self-reporting questionnaires ·           Depression ·           Excessive sleepiness ·           Excessive fatigue   -Small sample size -Reporting/ recall bias -Understand the significance of shift work. -Manage excess fatigue and stress. Courtney, J. A., Francis, A. P. and Paxton, S. J. 2010 Investigating physical activity, mental health, fatigue, and sleep quality among paramedic shift workers. 342 paramedics. Standard Shiftwork Index ·           Less physical activity ·           Higher fatigue levels ·           Depression ·           Poor sleep quality   -Gender sample size difference -Seeking organizational intervention to address the problem. Hegg-Deloye, S., Brassard, P., Jauvin, N., Prairie, J., Larouche, D., Poirier, P., Tremblay, A.

and Corbeil, P. 2012 Exploration of literature on the impact of work stress among paramedics. 25 articles on Paramedics and other professional workers. Secondary research through electronic databases. ·           Acute and chronic stress ·           Post-traumatic disorders ·           Sleeping disorders ·           Cardiovascular diseases ·           Obesity -Lack of specific literature on paramedics. -Less literature review articles Seeking organizational and individual interventions to minimize the health risks and stress. Sofianopoulos, S., Williams, B., Archer, F. and Thompson, B. 2010 Investigating the impact of shift work on the paramedics (pre-hospital emergency providers). 9 articles Secondary research ·           Psychological impact ·           Physiological impact ·           Non-parametric theory   -Fewer articles specifically focusing on paramedics -Less sample size Examination of the shift hours of the paramedics is needed in order to reduce the stress and other health impacts. Burch, J., Tom, J., Zhai, Y., Criswell, L., Leo, E., and Ogoussan K. 2009 To examine how shift work impacts health care workers and their adaptation. 376 health care workers Questionnaires ·             Disrupted sleep ·             Absenteeism ·             Poorer health ·             Less job satisfaction ·             Reduced performance -Selection bias -Low response rate -Confirmation of previous research findings of the impact of shift work. -Development of shift work adaptation programs.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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