Elderly Care Issues – Health System Example

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"Elderly Care Issues" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. As the average age of human beings across the globe rises, elderly care has become a key issue. While old-aged people used to live in nursing homes previously and receive specialized care and treatment there, the trend has now changed towards old-age people preferring home care over the former. While the shift towards home care means compromising on certain key aspects of health management, including timely treatment, advances in technology have enabled better treatment to be afforded to home care people alike.

While opting for home care was viewed as highly dangerous some time back, technological advancements have, and will continue providing improved treatment options and health care solutions and enable synchronization amongst various health care providers over treatment options (Rooney). I completely agree with the views shared in the article and believe when at an old age, people need to be in the comfort of their home so that can be at peace mentally as well as physically. While being in old age homes does not at all mean that the elderly won’ t remain happy, or receive compromised treatment for that matter, it sure does put the elderly at stress thinking of the fact that they have been left to live on their own by their family at such age of their lives.

This all has been enabled due to advances in technology which have allowed the health of the elderly to be monitored while they remain at home, thanks to various technologies including cloud health care management which permits doctors to monitors patient’ s health while they remain at home.



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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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