Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing – Health System Example

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"Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing" is a good example of a paper on the health system. A literature review is described as a theoretical basis for the research paper to summarize, describe and evaluate for any selected area. It helps to justify the proposed methodology and demonstrate the level of preparedness for the completion of the research. The review of evidence and literature can often lead to the presence of gaps in the findings. The existence of gaps in the body of knowledge and findings can lead to the hindrance of developing a conceptual framework and application of change.

The integral component of every organization is to adapt to the execution of change. The adaption of change is to raise the efficiency and current performance. Therefore, the presence of gaps can make it more difficult for the foundation of a change. A review of the literature on nursing research creates great current and future influence on the professional practice of nursing (Houser & Oman, 2010). The quality of the literature review must be efficient and effective in the nursing system. The presence of holes or gaps in the nursing system can create a huge adverse impact on the execution of change.

The introduction of change is based on the improvement of the drawbacks and shortcomings of previous literature review and evidence. It is important to find the right voice for creating an effective literature review. The biggest challenge is to nullify gaps in the findings at the process of making change. The successful creation of change requires effective strategy, evidence and literature review. The presence of gaps in the findings can arouse confusion and difficulty for the implementation of change.

The goal of the literature review is to avoid the presence of the same mistakes, removals of gaps and increase the breadth of knowledge. The existence of gaps in the knowledge and ideas would make it more difficult to organize effective changed literature review. In the case of a nursing organization, the implementation of change management in an organization is to cope up with the inevitable and dynamic changes in the era of globalization. The goal of change management is to improve the efficiency of employee and organization performance.

It can help an organization to regain its competitive advantage over rivals. Therefore, it is vital to create an effective change process that can benefit to enhance the current business environment. The methodological flaws in research can create inconsistency in findings and theory (Marsh 2003). These gaps can act as a hindrance and distraction for application new change. The cause of vulnerability in research can be created through the presence of gaps. It is vital to rectify the cause of gaps and focus on the establishment of effective methodology and evidence.

Taking the example of an organization, the change is implemented to bring success in the competitive market. The creation of changed researched evidence and findings can encourage the organization to sustain in the era of technological advancement. The existence of gaps can take more time for the creation of the effective changed process. Therefore, it becomes critical to evaluate current knowledge with includes methodological, substantive findings and theoretical process.   The review of finished work and literature needs to be effectively scanned to create new changed evaluated literature.

Therefore, it is proved that gaps can create a hindrance in the process of application of change.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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