Family Medicine Residency – Health System Example

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"Family Medicine Residency" is a great example of a paper on the health system. I still have vivid memories of hot summer afternoons following my mother through fields as she picked wild herbs. We would then grind the herbs into "medication" to treat my father's chronic lung infection. My father contracted tuberculosis and chronic pneumonia while imprisoned in a Vietnamese re-education camp in the wake of the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, medical care in post-war Vietnam was scant, and my father wasn't able to receive the medication that he needed: antibiotics and anti-tuberculin drugs.   Consequently, we did our best with herbal remedies.

Although I did not understand the whole situation at the time, I thoroughly enjoyed picking the herbs and grinding them up. All I knew was that these "medications" made my father feel better. I remember being fascinated by the prospect that the chemistry of drug compounds could make a sick person feels better. With increased interest in family medicine, I decided to stop my career from internal medicine residency mainly for the fact that I would like to take care of patients with a passion.

While practicing internal medicine especially in the field of ambulatory care I developed several skills that I can use in family medicine residency. The skills include the first aid responses to urgent calls from injured patients who have accidents. I also developed the necessary skills to take care of outpatients. In addition to this, I developed telephone skills and visit skills that I can use in family medicine while taking care of patients. I also practiced clinical rotations ensuring that my patients receive maximum care and recover well.

Part of my work included emergency visits and family rehabilitations that made me consider joining family medicine residency. The surgical skills I developed can also be used under family health residency to treat patients hence these two careers relate well. The poor health background that my dad received is one of the driving factors that have made me change my profession. I also like family residency because it pays well while at the same time it creates a wide avenue for interaction with different families. I was indelibly influenced by my mother's desire to help my father.

I truly admired her genuine concern for the health and the well-being of not only my father but others, too; I enjoyed being her little apprentice. I wished to emulate her and one day be able to help and cure others through the practice of medicine. My plans for the future are to help my patients in a compassionate and holistic fashion. Following patients and monitoring their recovery is important to ensure that they attain their normal living condition is one thing that I love while performing my career.

    I plan to work hard to consider all organ systems when treating my patients. I also want to help the underprivileged and disadvantaged attain proper medical services.     I have no doubt that I will bring strong knowledge, dedication, and strong work ethic to any program to which I am accepted. I would be honored to join your program as a PGY-1. I appreciate your time and consideration.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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