Features of the Health Care Management – Health System Example

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"Features of the Health Care Management " is an astonishing example of a paper on the health system. Health care management is the systematic coordination of healthcare services in an entire facility or a precise department in the facility. Health is the most fundamental aspect in a human being hence, taken with caution every time one is involved with healthy activities. This paper explains the managerial position that am interested in holding at the place of work that I will be in the future.               For one to be able to secure a managerial position in a health facility, he or she ought to have done a master's degree in a related career course.

The managerial position that I am interested in holding is the “ Health Care Facility Manager” in a health care facility. For one to hold, such a position he should have adequate knowledge about buildings and construction. This is because one needs that kind of knowledge to manage health facilities professionally. I have been inspired and motivated to be a facility manager since I was a child. The responsibilities of a “ Health Care Facility Manager” are: Planning Design Construction Finance Management Administration (Gustin, 2003 p5)                           One who is aspiring to be a “ Health Care Facility Manager” should have a good leadership program, which will be able to guide the entire employees in his or her department.

A leader should influence workers with the objective of achieving a common goal. As a leader, you should be able to understand your employees to know the way they can be handled appropriately. The rest of the employees will look for the manager especially in decision-making. The performance of the entire department and how it is going to be rated in the outside world depends on the management.

To increase the performance and output of the entire department, one needs to motivate the workers. It is important to award the workers according to how they perform at individual levels, also by appreciating each of them when the department succeeds in the outside (Lussier & Achua, 2010 p45).           The characteristics and features of the department especially those concerning the organization and management portray how the department’ s leadership thinks.

Employees who will take up the positions of assistants should assist the facility manager; their duty is to report their work to the manager. The Information Technology Department should be updating data in the department’ s database for easier retrieval of information. The flow of information in the department determines how the coordination of workers will be, as a facility manager; one should maintain a good flow of information (Lussier & Achua, 2010 p67).                     Finance is one of the fundamental aspects of the department that is so sensitive, and hence it needs handling with caution.

The dissemination of finance among employees in the department must be with equality and fairness. Finance can support a good health facility in that there will be an improvement in the sanitation of the facility. Employees come from different cultures and backgrounds, and it is up to the facility manager to ensure that they interact easily and happily. It is from the interaction that teamwork becomes easy because the workers get to know each other more. This helps them in choosing work partners hence, good performance.

Employees found with fraud activities should be punished by being suspended from work and fined; those found with abuse of any kind should suffer the same fate (Atkin & Brooks, 2009 p89).           In conclusion, the post of being a facility manager will be a humble post for me. The employees are to respect each other and strive to work with each other this is achievable through teamwork and good leadership. This enables the community to have a health facility that takes care of their health problems.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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