Genogram and Health Promotion – Health System Example

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"Genogram and Health Promotion" is an outstanding example of a paper on the health system. A genogram is an assessment tool that provides an overview of a patient’ s family and medical history. The tool provides an effective reference material that can be used to access a patient’ s vulnerability to certain diseases and complications (Jarvis 121). The patient represented in this genogram is a 75-year-old man who has suffered congestive heart failure. Currently, he is divorce living with his daughter who has a clean health record. His ex-wife is healthy and, she has not been diagnosed with any terminal or lifestyle illness.

His son died aged 32 after suffering an acute myocardial infarction MI. According to his genogram, there is a prevalent risk of CVA and MI across his family. Three of his uncles suffered acute deaths resulting from acute MI and one of his brothers died from acute heart failure while his grandfather died at the age of 75 after acute CFH. The patient is at a greater risk of developing complications or death due to his health and family background. In addition, the patient has mental instability resulting from the death of his son and marital status.

According to the patient’ s health record, the following health promotion and recommendations need to be made. The patient needs regular psychiatric examination to avoid or detect any case of MI. the patient is a smoking addict and, therefore, requires immediate rehabilitation and care. The patient is also likely to develop diabetes due to his age and health condition. Regular sugar level screening and nutritional information would be necessary for the patient. Sugar level screening should be carried out on a monthly basis to ensure that the patient does not suffer from other opportunistic diseases and complications. Currently, the patient needs to be put into a diet program to ensure that he develops immunity for other opportunistic infections.

His mental condition may not have an immediate remedy and, therefore the patient requires a combination of corrective and preventive methods. Regular exercise would be vital for his health problems particularly his cardiovascular condition. The patient will require mild physical exercise to improve his mental and physical status.

In addition, regular physical exercise will greatly improve his blood circulation therefore preventing any case of cardiac thrombosis. Finally, the patient is likely to suffer from mental distress due to his relationship and health status. It is recommended that he undergo counseling to enable him to cope with his social and medical issues. Socializing with other people particularly those that are undergoing similar health conditions will enable him cope with his immediate situations. The patient should also be treated for anxiety and depression. In addition, he needs to be monitored for any symptoms of depression and isolation.

This is because the patient’ s cardio vascular health is dependent on his mental status. Moreover, the patient is at a greater risk of suffering from mental illness than other cardiovascular conditions. If the patient follows the proposed health routine, he is likely to live a fulfilling life free from threats of his immediate medical conditions.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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