Global Health and the Global Economic Crisis – Health System Example

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"Global Health and the Global Economic Crisis" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system. The cause of global health has suffered a setback due to the global economic crisis. Worldwide, very little has been accomplished to improve the health of the people from the poorest nations of the world. Success is still far away in attaining global health standards in the poorest countries particularly to control infectious diseases due to poverty.   The global depression has added to the health-related woes of people worldwide. Time has proved that markets do not behave and act as per the established economic theories.

(Benatar et al. , 2011). A global framework of new paradigms needs to be structured to ensure that basic amenities of healthy and sustainable living are provided to all irrespective of the fact that one belongs to a poor country or not, on humanitarian considerations. There is no doubt that globalization has helped in ameliorating the health-related woes of the people by facilitating the benefits of innovation in various fields to all, but neoliberalism has strengthened the hands of financial companies to impress upon the change in economic policies at the cost of reduced social and health facilities.

The current worldwide recession has been caused due to lax regulatory control over financial markets, erupting from loose economic policies. Globalization has failed in delivering the health goal of the market-based criteria. The global trends have not served the aim of health and medical practice (Benatar et al. , 2011). Resources at a global scale are enough but need to be prioritized to fulfill short-term health objectives.   A humanistic approach to the issue of global health is critical.

Healthcare organizations need to adhere to ethics, not profits. Policy implementation on the social and economic front needs to be quicker. Global strategic partnerships should be based on pursuing a creative and open-minded approach to various multi-disciplinary issues.


Benatar, S.R., Gill, S., & Bakker, I. (2011). Global health and the global economic crisis. American Journal of Public Health, 101(4).
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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