Government's Role in Health Care – Health System Example

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"Government's Role in Health Care" is a marvelous example of a paper on the health system. The health care system in the U. S. is facing major problems, but it has also been seen that the nation itself is doing little in overcoming the problems and deriving some solutions. There could be many solutions to the problem; however, the vital observation here is that the healthcare industry of the U. S has been segmented into many different parts and there is a dearth of a single genuine leader or organizer that can control the overall situation. In ideal conditions, a leader who can develop the strategy and properly implement it should be from the same healthcare field but as the system has several independent parts, the thought is difficult to achieve.

The components include a total of 5500 hospitals, nursing settings total to 1800 units, 800,000 professionals of the field of medicine who work independently, regulatory agencies and licensing board in every US state, several organizations that provide accreditation services, organizations that are professional in nature and those individuals who have obtained insurance for health purpose (Hawryluk, 2004). The health care sector is responsible for giving a 14% share in the gross domestic product of the country in 2001 (Intuit Health Patient Portal, 2012).

As there are no possible solutions to overcome the circumstances of having the best and proper health care with quality control, it is not just a circumferential issue or can relate to the elite. The final solution lies in the partnership between the public and private sectors and the cooperation of all the related parties. Above all this, it is the single leader who is needed the most to improve the condition. Development of Set Standards and Guidelines The federal leadership is required to develop clear and proper guidelines and set quality standards not just for the health care practitioners, but for their performances.

It must also include the development of research work for improvement in quality and on the overall infrastructure that is vital for the system. It can be done by sharing the medical researches with the public that leads to almost no cost in making them aware of the guidelines and standards set by the leader. Biggest Payer for Health Care and Provider Of Services The role of the federal leader is even required because the single biggest financer of the health care system in the public sector and the public sector is the only one providing the health care facilities for the veterans’ health administration department.

Therefore, the federal government can take concrete steps in order to evolve the care system and set an example for other institutions as well. Truly, the participation of other interested parties can be done through the federal state. Failure of Private Health Care Providers                                                                                                                                                                          The high amount of money that is spent by the US system on health care clearly represents the failure of the private sector of the health care system of the US (Basu, 2012).

The different markets e. g. stock and forex market work properly and in the best way when there are proper rules and regulations and people are compelled to follow them. The same is the condition with the healthcare, which should provide the best and high-quality health care services at an economical rate.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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